Let’s be clear about one thing girls, you cannot substitute your hair conditioner with anything at all! Nothing can be compared with your hair conditioner and the greatness it provides to your tresses. Shampoo is great for cleansing your scalp, but the conditioner is something that provides the essential moisture and a varied hydration boost to your hair.

If you are looking for some good conditioner as per the quality of your hair and which can fit in your budget, then we are sure you will find this article of your use.

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Understated is a list of 10 amazing hair conditioners that fall under Rs 500 category, and are easily available in the market.

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1. L’Oreal Professionnel’s Hair Spa Detoxifying Hair Conditioner
The ultimate conditioner that perfectly deals with dandruff, which contains menthol and tea tree oil. Its amazing quality to remove dandruff from the core makes it an ultimate winner amongst all!

Price: Rs 400 approx.

2. Garnier Ultra Blends’ Royal Jelly & Lavender Hair Conditioner
This hair conditioner is great for those who have dry and brittle hair, and are in dire need of some good conditioner after shampooing. It contains lavender and royal jelly, which adds shine and makes your hair smoother and softer.

Price: Rs 64 approx.

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3. BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair Conditioner, For Seriously Dry Hair
Just like many other products of this amazing styling range, BBlunt hair conditioner provides the essential moisture that your extremely dried out hair needs to repair itself. The presence of Vitamin E and jojoba oil makes it even better for longer-lasting effects.

Price: Rs 360 approx.

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4. Tresemme Beauty Full Volume Hair Conditioner
A perfect conditioner that serves its purpose well, which is to add volume and nourish your hair well. It is the only conditioner that is recommended to be used before shampoo and gives you a long-lasting bouncy look.

Price: Rs 173 approx.

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5. Dove Regenerative Repair Hair Conditioner
We all dove and its vast range of products, so how could we have not included this amazing product in our list. This conditioner contains red algae complex which is great in repairing broken bonds in your hair and also nourishes them to add shine and smoothness to them.

Price: Rs 225 approx.

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6. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Conditioner
Free from the harmful chamicals like parabens and sulphates, this Moroccan hair conditioner instantly penetrates through your hair shafts and restores its shine and smoothness. Also, it is equally effective in protecting your hair from the harsh summer sun, which is perfect for us!

Price: Rs 280 approx.

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7. Matrix OptiCare Smoothening Hair Conditioner
A perfect solution to get rid of those tangled and frizzy hair. This hair conditioner contains shea butter with smoothens and adds shine to your unmanageable hair.

Price: Rs 480 approx.

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8. Sunsilk Straight Lock Hair Conditioner
This is a conditioner which actually does what it claims to be! This conditioner gives you smooth, lustrous and straight hair, by holding every strand of your hair in its place. Thus, achieving its breakthrough straight lock technology.

Price: Rs 129 approx.

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9. Fabindia Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner, For Normal Hair
Aloe Vera is as much useful and effective for hair as it is for your skin. This hair conditioner provides your hair the softness and the nourishment that they need to look shiny and smooth. It adds luster to the damaged hair and moisturizes your scalp too.

Price: Rs 350 approx.

10. SoulTree Hibiscus Hair Conditioner
Infused with many greatness of hibiscus leaves, revitalizing and softening nutrients and flowers, this hair conditioner from SoulTree providings the essential nourishment that you needed to give to your hair.

Price: Rs 295 approx.

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Pick whatever suits your hair and pocket better and get those amazing long & luscious hairs using these hair conditioners, every time after shampoo.

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