A big fat wedding is a dream of every Indian girl. But sometimes, we have to hold our desires back as we can’t go overboard with our expenses. So, what can we do to cut down the expenses? Here are some smart ways to save some bucks on an Indian wedding without getting caught.

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1. Schedule Your Marriage on a Weekday
Weekends means everything going costlier. Same goes for the wedding arrangements as well. A wedding on a weekend might cost you some extra bucks.

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2. Keep the Invitation Simple and Sophisticated
Nobody has the time to observe your wedding invitation so keenly. So, keep it simple. It won’t cost you much as compared to the custom-made ones.

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3. Book a Beginner Photographer
The professional photographers charge a bit too much. Give a chance to a budding photographer you know. He will charge much lesser than the professional ones.

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4. Book a Complete Package
Don’t do the bookings individually. It will charge you much more than the package itself. It will also require much more coordination.

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5. Book a Wedding Place Outside the City
The hotels and marriage halls outside the city charge much lesser than the other ones. You will get more space for the arrangements as well.

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6. Book an Open Lawn
Gardens can be decorated in much more diverse ways as compared to halls. And plus, they charge less!

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7. Go for Floral Decorations
Floral decoration adds to the charm and doesn’t cost much.

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8. Buy the Wedding Outfit During Off Season
If the wedding date is fixed or you know that you’re going to get married in the near future, then purchase the wedding outfit during the offseason. It will save many bucks!

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9. Daytime Weddings are Cheaper
Daytime weddings don’t involve lighting; hence they charge less.

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10. Schedule the Wedding at the End of the Wedding Season
You can get amazing deals on the wedding packages as the season is about to pass.

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