We all have some bad habits. And we’re guilty of having them. But there is something about these bad habits that we’re not able to give up on them. We pop pimples, drink too much tea/coffee and what not! But do you know that these are the common culprits that are preventing our skin from looking beautiful?

No matter how difficult it is to condemn these habits, you must always try to give up on them. If you still don’t know which habit of yours has been ruining your beauty game, then read on till the end.

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1. Too Much Swimming!
Swimming is the best exercise you can do. We’ve heard this plenty of time. Swimming is not the actual culprit, but the chlorine in the pool water is. When it comes in contact with our skin, it can play a havoc on it. You can be tanned beyond repair, break out frequently or even get blemishes. So after you get out of a pool, take a shower and clean your skin with a mild cleanser. There are certain medications that help get rid of chlorine from the skin.

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2. Too Much Coffee
Some people can’t start their day off without a cup of coffee. Are you one among them? caffeine is one of the major culprits that destroys the texture of our skin. It also amplifies the wrinkles. Drink lots of water if you drink 2-3 cups of coffee every day. You can add some fruits slices to the water to make it taste better.

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3. Skipping Meals
When you skip meals, you’re actually making your skin appear older and drier. Include vitamin C, vitamin B3, Vitamin E and Vitamin A in your meals to boost your skin’s health.

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4. Too Long Hot Shower
Using too hot water for shower is really very bad for your skin. It strips away the natural moisture from the outermost layer of our skin. This makes our skin scaly and dry. Taking too long in the shower makes your skin red and itchy.

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5. Experimenting on Beauty Products
Stick to your favourite brand in terms of beauty products. Don’t go on a trial spree with the newly introduced brands in the market. Before applying the product directly to your skin, test it on a patch of skin for any sign of allergy.

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6. Talking Too Much on Phone
Do you spend hours chatting on your phone? While the radiation of your mobile phone has different effects on your body, the dirty mobile screen can cause acne on your chin. Make sure that you clean your mobile screen every now and then. Keep a packet of wipes in your bag to clean your phone frequently.

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7. Letting Hair Products on Your Face
When you’re using a hairspray, make sure that you’re covering your face with a towel. Wear a sweatband while working out. Don’t let your hair products drip onto your face when you’re sweating out. If you’re the one following the hair spray makeup setting hack, then I should tell you you’re doing great harms to your skin.

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8. Not Cleaning Your Eyeglasses
Whether it’s a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses, you should customarily clean your glasses before you wear them. When you’re wearing your eyeglasses for long, the dirt on your face starts building up on them. This can cause pimples around the bridge of your nose. Keep a sanitizer and a clean cloth in your handbag to clean your eyeglasses frequently.

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9. Binge Dieting
Leaving food all at once can be very detrimental for your skin. Fluctuating weight gain and loss also snatch away the glow from your skin. This can cause the collagen fibres in your skin go weak.

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10. Not Getting Enough Sleep
Doctors recommend you to get an 8-hour sleep everyday. It will help you look refreshed the next morning. not getting enough sleep can take a toll on your skin and you can experience premature ageing.

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