Your priorities change as soon as you step into the phase of motherhood, and nothing remains the same for that moment! Your baby becomes your first thought for everything that you do throughout the day. Taking a good care of your little one is all that you live for!

But no matter how well you are getting time for yourself, you will always put your baby first. Even when you are thinking of ways to get a fairer and glowing skin, you will want to look for ways to get your baby’s skin fairer and softer!

In this article, you will read many ways that you can use to get a fair & glowing skin for your baby for a lifetime, without harming him with the use of any chemicals on his delicate skin. Simply follow these steps that will help you keep your baby’s sensitive skin soft & healthy at all times.

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1. A Nice & Warm Oil Massage

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You must have been told by your mother or grandmother a hundred times that massaging your newborn with a hot oil is good for his bones and muscles to get them stronger. But what they didn’t tell you is that the hot oil massage also improves the complexion of your baby. It adds another protective layer of moisture on their skin and this results in mild pinkish glow and blossom.

2. Using An Optimum Water Temperature For Bathing

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As much as it essential for the adults to take care of the water temperature they are bathing with, it is even more important that you keep an optimum water temperature for your baby’s bath. Otherwise, too hot or cold water will dry out your young one’s sensitive skin and make it appear dull and dark.

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3. Soft Baby Scrub

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Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to use your everyday scrub on your delicate baby. Instead, you can prepare a baby scrub using baby oil, chickpea flour, milk, rose water, and an evenly grounded gram pulse. Gently scrub away the impurities and this will also improve the blood circulation in your baby’s body, that will lead to a fairer complexion ultimately.

4. Mild Baby Friendly Body Pack

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Your young one’s body is totally new to the environmental factors, with more sensitive skin than any adult. Fostering the little one’s skin with a mild body pack will nurture their skin and give them an evenly fair skin tone. Mix sandalwood, milk, saffron and turmeric to make a smooth paste and apply it on your baby’s body. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. This will not only make him fairer but will also protect him from various skin infections. Do this once in a week.

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5. Complete Moisturization

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The most important and essential step in the baby skin care routine is the moisturization. You can apply a good and mild baby skin-friendly moisturizer once in a few hours or in 4 hours of the interval, it will help keep complexion intact.

6. Say Goodbye To Using Soap

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Your baby’s skin is 10 times more sensitive and delicate than the adult’s, so using soaps on their skin will result in peeled skin and dryness. Even if you are using baby soaps (or as they claim to be) they might leave your baby’s skin dull, dry and dark for no reason. But if you want, you can use milk-cream rich toddler’s wash or glycerin baby bars.

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7. Give A Regulated Sunbath

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We understand that protecting your little one from the harsh rays of the sun is essential, but some natural vitamin D is necessary for the skin to stay bright and healthy as well. Use a pram or shed to protect your baby from the impact of direct sunlight.

8. Water for The Magical Syrup

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You must have heard of this magical syrup called water like your whole life! Yes, ladies, nothing serves the purpose better than a well-hydrated body, and for that, you need to feed your baby an appropriate amount of water. Never let your little one get dehydrated or it might affect his health.

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9. Fresh Fruit Juices

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Fruit juices are a great option for babies above 3 months. Feeding your baby a fresh juice of grapes will help increase the sheen of the epidermis and fruits like oranges & apples will improve your baby’s overall health.

10. Soft Baby Wipes

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At last, using brush bristles for cleaning your baby’s delicate skin can cause rashes and dryness. From a vast range of baby wipes brand available in the market, you can pick any which has milk cream & glycerin. Also, always use baby wipes to clean the mouth & face of your baby.

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After all, it is all about a little more care and a lot of love at the end of the day! Never overdo with remedies, after all, no matter what you love your baby’s skin the way it is. Share other tips if you have any, in the comment section below!

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