We all cherish a glass of coke at parties and hangouts. In fact, some people are crazy lovers of aerated drinks to such an extent they always stock a bottle or two at home. Truly, nothing can beat a can of Coca Cola during hot summer days.

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But do you know that you can use Coca Cola apart from just drinking. Coca Cola can do much more for us than just pampering our taste buds. If you have a crate of Coca Cola cans stacked in your house, you must try these handy tips.

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1. Clean Rust with Coca Cola
The carbonic acid in the aerated drinks dissolve the oxidised (rusted) metals and make the metal shiny. Just pour some Coca Cola on the rusted metal and rub it using a metal scrub pad.

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2. Clean Burnt Utensils
The burnt milk utensils and stubborn scorched pans can be cleaned easily using Coca Cola. Soak the burnt utensil in Coca Cola for half an hour. Let the burnt ashes of the meal break down. After half an hour, rub the utensil with a sponge. The burnt marks will be gone.

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3. Clean Coins
Old coins can sometimes be difficult to read. You can clean your old coins using a can of Coca Cola. Soak the tarnished coins in Coca Cola. Sit and wait for the magic to begin. After half an hour, your coins will be as gleaming as new.

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4. Clean Your Toilet
Ran out of your toilet cleaning liquid? No worries when Coca Cola is here. Pour some Coca Cola on your toilet seat and let the acid do its magic. Give it a scrub with your toilet brush and your toilet will be glistening new.

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5. Rinse Your Hair
Many beauty bloggers have claimed that washing hair with Coca Cola can make your hair a lesser frizzed out. So, this is the potential of Coca Cola as a hair product.

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6. Fade Your Hair Colour
Another beauty use of Coca Cola. Don’t like your new hair colour? Then what is the fuss about? Just get rid of it! Rinse your hair with Coca Cola to get rid of the hair colour.

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7. Get Rid of Chewing Gum Stuck in Your Hair
Don’t cut your beautiful mane if any half-minded person stuck gum in your hair. Soak your hair in some Coca Cola for 10 minutes. The gum will harden and come out without a mess.

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8. Clean Blood Stains
Blood stained bedsheets and seat covers can be nightmare when you’re on your periods. But with Coca Cola, washing them is easier than ever. Add some detergent to Coca Cola and wash your sheets with it.

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9. Clean Your Car Battery
Corrosion can get accumulated on your car battery’s terminals. Put a bottle of Coca Cola in your car. You never know when you might need it. Pour some Coke on the terminals and scrub it using an old toothbrush. Rinse it with water when the rust is out.

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10. Treat Stings
You can treat bee or wasp sting by pouring some Coca Cola on it. It will ease down the pain till you get the right medical assistance.

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