There are possibly a million things in your mind going on right now, that reminds you of your bestie when we talk about them. But we can only tell you a few things that help you understand how important they are to you.

As we grow old, we realize how precious those little moments are for us, when we found our connection and love for each other, spending time with our besties, loving what we use to do, laughing and bonding in those moments, and remembering how carefree we can be with each other.

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Writer Candace Bushnell said once, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with”. This reflects on how strong a female friendship can be. Your love and understanding for your bestie are epic and nothing breaks that bond. These 10 delightful things will tell how you and your bestie share the best of love for each other.

  1. Gossip Queens


That moment when you bump into someone, who you both despise, and can’t wait to ring your bestie to tell all about it. Or when you get so deep into a conversation with each other that you dig up the past and the possible future for your talk’s topic. Can you do that with your bae or mother? Love your besties for this!

  1. The Love For Shopping
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Happens all the time, doesn’t it? You must have understood what we are talking about here. Yes, shopping my lovely ladies! You both go to your favorite brand’s store and see a beautiful tailor-made dress, and instinctively knows that it was made for you two only.

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  1. Coincidence Or Fate!

You are sitting on your couch, watching the same episode of the same season of the same show your bestie is watching at her place, without having any idea of your BFF doing the exact same thing all along. So, should we call it a coincidence or fate?

  1. Always Going For Coffee Dates
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It all starts with who is going to place the order! Sitting right there on your couch, wondering about what to eat and who will place today’s order? And then you two ultimately end up in a coffee shop enjoying your bestie moments, laughing it all off.

  1. You Know You’ve Got Each Other’s Back
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It is that moment when you know that your bestie has got your back when you wanted a to that ghostly haunted house over the hill and she jumps right in with you. Or the moment when she sings along with you at that karaoke party and be a part of the funniest joke she ever cracked.

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  1. You Have Your Secret Codes
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You might be talking about someone right on their face and they won’t even know about it, that’s what besties are for! You have a special way of communicating with each other, understanding things without even saying anything, and that is something that makes the two of you special to each other.

  1. Always, Always, Always A Rescuer!

Since you two always got each other’s back then how can it be possible that your bestie will not be present to rescue you from any trouble you fall in? Be it a small shoe bite or you forgot to carry a safety pin just because you choose to wore a saree on that one day of the year, she has got it all covered for you.

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  1. Midnight Cravings
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The love for panipuri or extra-large pizza, nothing falls behind with midnight cravings after that week-long detox diet you both have been trying.

  1. Synced Periods
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No one! And I mean No one, will understand your mood swings, your anger, your pain and all that unexplained hunger, better than your BFF. Because it’s not just your hearts and minds, but even your uteruses have decided to sync up.

  1. A Tight Hug Is That Is Needed

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Got into a fight with bae or got yelled at without any fault of your own, at work, nothing in the world seems right you see your bestie. She understands it all! Just by a mere look at your face, she knows something’s wrong and without saying gives you a tight hug. And suddenly all your worries and sadness fly away.

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Tell us how you and your BFF share the love for each other and in what way she is your true soulmate! Comment in the box below.


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