Marriage is a lifelong alliance. But what comes during the first year of this ‘divine alliance’ is rather hilarious. It’s a tough time I must say! You’re going to live forever in a completely new house amidst the completely new people. For few lucky ones, adjusting in such tremendous changes isn’t much difficult. While the others are just trying to make things easier. During few instances and conflicts, a newlywed is forced to think why did I marry this half-minded person at the first place. But as the time flies, you just laugh these thoughts off. If you feel this way, then you’re not alone…

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Here are few hilarious thoughts that cross every newlywed’s mind during the first year of the marriage.

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1. Why the hell did I marry this man?
Was I drunk during when the boy was being finalised for me? And in the case of love marriage, you also think that how on earth were you able to fall for this person.

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2. Is he even hot? What was I thinking when I said yes? *he doesn’t like to shower! *
When you start living together, you come to know about some mysteriously weird habits of your hubby. Not taking the shower is one of them. Yuck!

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3. OMG! Do I really need to share my money?
This comes to be a major problem for the girls who continue their job after the marriage. Earlier, they were used to spending all the bucks on themselves. Now you must share your salary and make a budget!

4. Can I Un-Do my marriage?
Just for a second, you regret your decision of marrying him. And you want to time travel and undo the thing happened. But alas! You can’t do that. You have to spend the rest of your life with this never-showering man.

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5. I need a separate toilet now!
He gets up first and sprinkles his fragrance all over the bathroom. You need a separate toilet to spare yourself the agony. Moreover, he takes too much of time to freshen up and you ultimately have to use the other toilet.

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6. He doesn’t smile in his selfies. Does he always need to tell how much sad he is to marry me?
Most of your friends tease you and crack a joke on the face your husband makes in selfies. It seems like you dragged him to the ‘Mandap’ to tie the knot.

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7. God please, I need a divorce!
I can’t take it anymore. You just go to your mum and tell her about your evil plans of getting a divorce. But then he sends you a lovey-dovey text and you melt like an ice cream. Oh, such a sweet thing love is!

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8. While fighting: What the argument was actually about?
It started on the ‘Dal’ you made for the lunch and ended on how he ignored your phone calls all the day. While fighting, you both try to bring out new topics to fight on instead of finding the solution for the actual issue.

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9. I shall fall sick so that I don’t have to attend this boring family function
His family is too clingy. Everyone is always noticing you, from the ‘Jhumki’ you’re wearing to the lipstick shade. You’re no less than a living museum for the aunties. At least, for the first year of marriage.

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10. I can’t live without this man and our petty fights!
All’s well that ends well. And finally, you realise, that this bitter-sweet relationship is called love. You hate his weird habits, but it is true the other way round, that you can’t live without them either.

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