No single Indian kitchen can be seen devoid of ginger. No wonder ginger is such an awesome medication. In fact, some people can’t imagine their daily cup of tea without a pinch of ginger in it. We all know that ginger is added as a flavour to our cuisines. But do you know that apart from taste, ginger has many medicinal properties? If not, then read on to know the amazing health benefits of eating ginger for a month.

You can eat ginger raw or in powder form. You can also consume its juice or used it as a flavour in your tea. No matter in which form you eat ginger, it is vastly useful for your health.

1. It Helps Lower Blood Sugar Level
If you or your family members are suffering from high blood sugar, then you can add 2 gms of ginger powder in your diet to control your blood sugar. Continue this for one month and you will see the positive results.

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2. It Helps in Weight Loss
Consume 1-2 gms of ginger powder with water to control your body weight. It helps preventing the fats getting absorbed in our body. This helps in weight loss.

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3. It Boosts Immunity
It has excellent anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties which helps fighting infections in body. You can consume ginger tea daily to boost up your immunity against diseases.

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4. It Helps Curing Muscles Pain
Include ginger in your diet in the raw form and you will notice the change. Ginger helps in treating the muscles cramps to great deal.

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5. It Helps Treating Nausea
If you’re pregnant or going through chemotherapy, then ginger can be your saviour. Eat about 1 gms of ginger every day in the fresh form or in the form of tea to avoid nausea in the morning.

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6. It Improves Digestion
It stimulates the production of saliva in our mouth. This boosts up your digestion. Take 1 gm of ginger before meals for better digestion.

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7. It Reduces Inflammation
It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. If you consume ginger for six weeks, you will notice positive changes in your joint pains. If you’re suffering from arthritis, then you can alleviate your joint pains with the help of ginger.

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8. It Reduces Cholesterol
It drives away the bad cholesterol from your body. Even a study reveals that regular consumption of ginger roots can help in reduction of bad cholesterol in your body.

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9. It Lowers the Risk of Heart Problem
If you consume ginger daily, you are less prone to suffer a heart attack. If you have type 2 diabetes, then consuming ginger daily is even more beneficial.

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10. It Relieves Menstrual Cramps
Consume 1 gm of ginger powder during the first three days of your periods. This relieves extreme menstrual pains.

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