Mastering the art of cooking is no big deal, but becoming a smart cook is really something. If you some smart cooking tips and they actually work the wonders, then, believe me, you can become the czar of the cooking world. Some kitchen hacks are very useful especially when you’re running late or not in the mood to much hard work. Try these smart cooking tips to make your cooking quicker and better.

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1. If you think that your milk is about to get spoilt, then add a pinch of baking soda to it. This will save your milk up to the point till you can consume it all.

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2. If you’re not able to set your curd, then add a green chilli slit into the half. This will set your curd immediately.

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3. When wiping your kitchen slab and the floor, add some turmeric and salt to the water to prevent the ant’s invasion. This will also disinfect your floor and counters.

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4. When you’re heating the oil to prepare your veggies, add a pinch of sugar. This will impart a fresh look to your veggies.

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5. Want to keep your bananas fresh for a long time? wrap the ends of the banana bunch with an aluminium foil or a cellophane. This will keep the bananas fresher for a longer time.

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6. Knead the dough in the Paneer water to make the chapattis softer and easy to chew.

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7. Hands smelling of garlic? Rub your hands against a stainless steel vessel. This will vanish away the garlic smell in a jiffy. You can wash your hands afterward.

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8. Put some bay leaves and dried curry leaves in your rice stock to prevent the rice moths. If you ran out of the pellets, you can always use this home remedy to save your rice.

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9. If you want to store your ginger garlic paste for a longer time, add some hot cooking oil to the ginger-garlic paste and then keep it in the refrigerator.

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10. Keep the apples and potatoes together in order to keep your potatoes fresh for longer time. The ethylene gas emanating from the apples prevent the potatoes from sprouting.

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Try these kitchen hacks and do share your experiences with us. You can also share your own kitchen hacks here.

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