A working lady may not belong in the kitchen anymore, but it is still her favorite place in the house, she cannot deny it. We can see that on the weekends when she cooks meals for her life partner and kids. On the other hand a housewife remains totally attached to the kitchen, particularly in a country like India, where most times people treat her as a meal producing machine.

How can both working ladies and Housewives turn Kitchen into a more interesting place in their house? Know here

1. Splash your kitchen walls with bright colors
The rest of your house is splashed with bright colors, but the walls in the kitchen look like the ruins of an archeological structure. Why? Force a change in your house and wash the walls of kitchen with orange, blue, skin blue or lemon yellow. Paint a small portion of the front wall with black board color so that you can, you can use this space to scribble recipes and shopping lists

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2. Growing vegetables outside your kitchen window
Growing vegetables outside your kitchen window is a pleasant hobby you should get addicted to. One it will save your money and you will also not feel bored throughout the day. Some of the herbs that you can grow in your home are Mint, basil, lemongrass, chillies and curry leaves etc. Moms who love to spend time with the kids can ask kids to water these herbs daily.

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3. Try to digitalize your kitchen
These day concept of digital kitchens is evolving fast. If you cannot afford expensive digital items, you can bring the less expensive from the market. This will save your lot of time and energy. There are ovens, rice cookers, induction heaters, bread makers and milk boilers available in the market. They are not too expensive, you can afford at least one or two items that will relieve you of much of your work burden.

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4. Fast Hook and anchors in the walls to hang kitchen items
Kitchen in India are not too big. They have a limited space. And most of that space is consumed by kitchens articles like pans mugs and jars, etc. You can fast hook and anchors in the walls to hang kitchen items like pans, mugs and jugs etc. You can also do this job by suspending a rod from the ceiling.

5. Don’t put all your eggs in an expensive set
Don’t buy all the crockery at one time. Because every day you will see modern and modified versions of Kitchen crockery in the market. If you will put all your eggs in an expensive set that will make you bored very easily.

6. Prepare and note recipes on a paper for future use
Don’t depend entirely on the internet or books for kitchen recipes. Not down your own recipes on a paper and arrange them in a booklet. Because the way recipes are written on books and the internet they are not easy to understand. Rewrite these recipes in a simplest form to understand it better next time. The advantage of it is that if you have made a recipe even 2 years ago and now you have no idea where you had read it. Your hand written recipe will make your task easy. You can very easily pass on this legacy to your daughters and daughter- in-laws later on.

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7. Store ingredients in transparent jars
Keep every kind of ingredient ready in your kitchen because you don’t know exactly which recipe you will be asked to cook today. If ingredients will not be available in your kitchen most times you will drop your idea of cooking your favorite recipe. Store ingredients in transparent containers so that you can locate them easily without opening the lid of the jar. But don’t forget to write the expiry date on its cover.

8. Make you food presentable
Now the food is ready, but the next task is how making it presentable. For a change you can also serve on wooden boards instead of plastic, jars in place of glasses and shot glasses for soups. It will make your food more presentable. This will add color to your table and we are sure your guests will also like it.

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9. Make your own pancake” station for guests
Suppose someday your husband throws a party and guests of different nature and background throng your house. It is obvious you will not know the food choices of all of them. To solve this problem you can plug an induction heater outside your kitchen and create a “make your own pancake” station for guests. Now it is their choice whether they will love to eat toppings and sauce or a chocolate. For guests who love to consume omelet in the breakfast, you can similarly create an omelet station outside your kitchen.

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