Menstrual cycle is never exact. It has estimated clockwork timings. Usually, you should get periods at the interval of 28 days. But it is not a hard and fast rule. You can delay by 2-3 days or more. There is nothing to be worried about if this happens to you. But if it has been more than 4-5 days and you haven’t got your periods yet, then it’s a matter of concern. Unfortunately, more than 30 percent of women suffer from irregular periods during their 20s. It is not necessarily a problem, but it signifies towards a health condition.

Missed periods are usually related to a health condition called ‘an-ovulation’. This means that the ovulation didn’t occur during your menstrual cycle. There can be many reasons behind an-ovulation varying from hormonal imbalance to weight changes.

1. Exercises or Dieting
If you start exercising when you weren’t that regular in exercising, then your periods might go missing. If you’re getting underweight due to binge dieting, then you can have a similar condition. This indicates that your body is not incapable of bearing a child and so the ovulation doesn’t takes place.

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2. Stress
If you’ve been stressing about something lately, then you menstrual cycle could be affected. If you have chronic stress, then you might be suffering from hormonal imbalance. This often leads to delayed or missed periods.

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3. Birth Control Pills
If you’ve started taking birth control pills lately or had emergency oral contraceptive pill recently, then it might be the reason behind your delayed or missed periods. You can also bleed for a while, but it is not your regular periods. After getting used to it, your periods might get back to normal.

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4. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
This is an unfortunate medical condition which can happen to any woman. These days, this medical condition is on a rise due to unhealthy lifestyle of women. It is also caused by obesity. In this condition, tiny cysts are formed on the ovaries which disrupt the normal ovulation by the ovaries. If not treated at time, it can also lead to infertility and heart diseases.

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5. Age
When you just had your menarche, the periods are not usually regular. Your body takes some time to adopt to the new changes introduced to it. Some women take a year to get back to normal. Similarly, if you’re close to menopause, delayed and missed periods are more common.

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6. Thyroid
If you’re suffering from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, then chances are that you can suffer from irregular and painful periods.

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7. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Certain STD’s also disrupt the normal functioning of your menstrual cycle. It disturbs your hormonal balance and also affect the ovulation process. Check yourself for any STD if you’re suffering from irregular periods since long time.

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8. Lack of Sleep
Exhaustion and fatigue is one of the common reasons for missing periods. If you’re not getting adequate rest, sleep or food, then the chances are that your menstrual cycle will get disrupted. So take some time out of your busy routine and have some rest. Practice meditation to soothe your mind.

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9. Pituitary Problems
If your nipples are secreting a milky white fluid lately and you’re suffering from a headache which do not go, then get your blood tested for the prolactin. If the levels of prolactin are too high, then you might be having a benign tumor called prolactinoma. But don’t worry, this is totally treatable with medications.

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10. You’re Pregnant
If you’ve had unsafe sex with your partner recently and now you’re missing your periods, then it indicates towards a pregnancy. This is the most common reason for missing your periods. But if you haven’t had any sexual intercourse in a recent while, then the reason is definitely something else.

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