Your sleep pattern can be affected by the change in the structure and function of the brain. And it is said as you age the amount of sleep you obtain also decreases. Sleep is very important to maintain your health just like a healthy diet and exercise. On an average, an adult requires 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep. It is said that sleep disturbances can lead to mental and physical problems affecting your day-to-day activities. So, to avoid this problem, we have listed few things that can affect your sleep.

1. Eating citrus fruit at night

Eating citrus fruit at nightImage Source: health

Eating grapefruit or orange at night is not a good idea because consuming citrus fruit before going to bed can cause heartburn which can result in restless sleep at night.

2. Exercising before bedtime

Exercising before bedtimeImage Source: cloudfront

Various studies have shown that exercise can make you fall asleep quickly. But, if you exercise just before going to bed then, there are chances that you may not get good sleep. So, it is best to exercise in the morning.

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3. Coffee

CoffeeImage Source: healthline

Drinking coffee before going to bed can affect your sleep as the caffeine content present in coffee stimulates alertness that can disturb your sleep. So, instead of having coffee, eat a piece of chocolate.

4. Having late dinner

Having late dinnerImage Source: vix

If you eat dinner after 10 PM then, there are chances it might affect your sleep. So, it is suggested that you should try to eat your dinner within 9 PM to 10 PM.

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5. Using phone in bed

Using phone in bedImage Source: kinja-img

Nowadays everyone is glued to their mobile phones which is very harmful to their health. The light coming out of the mobile phones stimulates the production of the hormones that can promote alertness and affects your circadian rhythm. Thus, causing a hindrance in sleep.

6. Irregular schedule

Irregular scheduleImage Source: tstatic

If you have irregular work schedules, then there are chances that it might affect your sleep as it causes a change in the sleeping pattern.

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7. Sleeping on an empty stomach

Sleeping on an empty stomachImage Source: merisaheli

Sleeping on an empty stomach or eating too much before bedtime can affect your sleep. It is suggested that you should eat something before going to bed or wait for 2-3 hours after eating a heavy meal.

8. Washing face with cold water

Washing face with cold waterImage Source: ytimg

It is said that washing face with cold water before going to bed can hamper your sleep as cold water stimulates your body to release energy to keep you awake. So, if you want to wash your face before going to bed then, always rinse your face with warm water.


9. Too many distractions

 Too many distractionsImage Source: lifeberrys

Many people have a habit of watching TV while lying on bed or using their laptops which is not good for your sleep. This will only prevent you from falling asleep.

10. Restless leg syndrome

Restless leg syndromeImage Source: ctvnews

This is a health condition that urges you to move your legs when sleeping or resting on bed. And people with syndrome find it difficult to fall asleep.

So, these were the few things that can affect your sleep.

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