“Wow, they can’t keep their hands off each other” You feel shitty when someone points out a lovey-dovey couple saying this. Isn’t it? But wait, there must be people out there who might be jealous of you just because you can do things they can’t. You can sleep anytime of the day you want, you can stare at that hot guy in the metro without feeling guilty, you can flirt with anyone and what not! Check out these 10 uber cool things which only single people can do or think about doing.

1. Flirting with different people every day.
And people wonder why you’re so good at picking people up. You have this superpower so you can use it anytime. You don’t have to fear your boyfriend having a look at your phone.

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2. You can download dating apps on your phone.
Tinder, TrulyMadly have just become too mainstream for you. The world is yours and you can choose the person you want to flirt with.

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3. You can try out the friends with benefits, if you want to.
You have a crush over that friend but don’t want to have any romantic relationship with him? Well, just hook up then. Yes it’s going to end badly, but it’s worth the try.

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4. You can do whatever you feel like
You’re feeling like going on a trip alone? So go on! There’s no one to stop you from doing it. You can completely be footloose and fancy your freedom.

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5. You can hit up on your old crushes
You can still talk to your high school crush and even let him know that you had an eye for him. You can talk to two or more than two old crushes of yours!

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6. Stay home alone without being bothered by the phone or the doorbell
You can enjoy the alone time to the fullest. You can watch your favourite TV show without being frequently bothered by your phone ringing.

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7. You can still text your ex
You don’t have to worry about a jealous boyfriend sneaking into your phone. So who’s going to stop you from texting your ex. *wink face*

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8. Eat whatever you want to
You don’t have to compromise your choice when you’re taking yourself out for a dinner. You can pick up any dish of your choice.

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9. Wear a T-Shirt saying ‘I Love Shoes, Bags and Boys’
You don’t to fear about the boyfriend who’s going to thrash you for wearing the t-shirt. You can even roam about in pyjamas, because you don’t have to look attractive to anyone but yourself.

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10. Pay all the attention to yourself
You don’t have to make time for anyone else than you. You are the master of the 24 hours of your day. Most of the people who are dating often forget that they are the master of their own life.

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Tell us if we forgot about any perk!

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