Our hands & nails are the first things that someone notices when we meet someone. And that’s when you get either a good compliment like “beautiful nails” & “pretty hands you have got”, or you get a shaming comment like “why don’t you do something for your hands” & “eew! You have such ugly nails”. Now it’s for you to decide whether you would like to hear some amazing compliments or would you rather go for some shameful comments!

For once, it might be possible for someone to ignore unhealthy or non-moisturized hands, but ill-shaped & dirty nails would seek attention for themselves. Your entire look can easily be destroyed with such a simple ignorance. But we all know that no girl would like for such an embarrassing situation to happen!

Your nails might be made up of dead cells, but are not completely dead. They require equal attention and care as much as the other parts of your body do!

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So, we have gathered up some amazing tips to help you make your nails healthy and beautiful by following them.

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1. Cleaning them from time-to-time
The first and the most important thing that you must always keep in mind is that you must never keep your nails dirty. Dirty nails can permanently damage your nails and fingers, so you can use your nail tips of the opposite hand to remove the dirt from the nails.

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2. Always keep them in proper and suitable shape
Improper shaped nails look untidy and affect your entire look as well. So, keep them trimmed and well-shaped like round or square or edgy, whatever suits you better. And always chop off those breaks that weak nails often get. Round nails look the best and are easy to manage.

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3. Massage Your Cuticle For Longer Nails
Gently massaging your cuticles will promote blood flow in that area, which will ultimately result in healthier and longer nails. Now take a cuticle remover and using that, get rid of that dead cuticle skin to a cleaner look.

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4. Moisturize using an essential oil
Moisturizing your nails is important, to make them grow longer and healthier, which makes the dead skin of the nails and hands get replenished and well hydrated. You can either use an essential oil of your choice or you can use cocoa butter to gently moisturize your nails.

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5. Never let your nail paints stay for long
Your nails become yellowish and prone to breakage if you let your nail paint stay on for a longer period. Remove your nail paint as soon as it starts to chip off. This is an indication of your nails losing their natural oils and moisture and needs some physical replenishment further. Also, always apply a base coat before applying the dark shades, this will protect your nails from coming into direct contact of the dark nail paints.

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6. Stop biting your nails
Biting your nails is not only unhealthy for them, but it is unhealthy for your stomach as well. If you have the habit of biting your nails, then you must stop doing so immediately! Biting your nails also disturbs the natural growth process of them, and gives them an ugly shape too.

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7. Use rubber gloves while doing physical work
Whether you are cleaning, washing, cooking or doing any other house chore, it is important that you put on your hand gloves to protect your delicate nails from getting harmed or chipping off. Plastic gloves are the best as they protect your nails from the chemicals and spices while doing work.

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8. Don’t use your nails as tools
We know that sometimes you have to do things that must not be done, like using your nail as a tool for opening lids or as a screwdriver for those easily accessible screws. This will only make your nail weak and make them chip faster.

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9. Protect your nails from harsh soaps and too much water
When you stay in water for a long time, your nails become vulnerable and prone to breaking. You must always dry your hands and nails first before commencing any task. Also, make sure that you don’t leave any soap in your nails.

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10. Invest in some good nail strengtheners
Some outside help wouldn’t feel too bad if you plan on improving your nails’ strength. Buy a good strengthener that will nourish your nail and provides it the desired thickness. This process will also fill up those molecular gaps in your nails.

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Now that you know that investing time for some good nail care is better than applying a good nail paint all the time, you must follow these simple yet amazing effective tips to make your nails healthier.

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