Falling in and out of love has become a regular affair these days. While people are becoming more and more emotionally unavailable, the ones who’re still fragile where emotions are considered have to face heartbreaks. Here are some 11 types of breakups that everyone faces at least once in life.

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Read on and relate…

1. The Out-Of-The-Blue Breakup
This is the worst kind of breakup one can face in his/her life. When you’re completely happy in your relationship and wondering about the future; suddenly your partner walks out. This thing hits you like a glass on your face. You can just sit and wonder what went wrong.

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2. The Dragged-One and Exhausting Break-Up
This type of breakup takes weeks and months to happen. You do break up but you guys don’t have a closure. You talk about it and the more you do, things worsen. It’s tiring as hell.

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3. The Magic-Breakup
When you want a breakup but you aren’t able to find a reason to do so. But then suddenly, your partner gives you a reason to walk out of the relationship. You have that smile on your face as now you can walk out guilt-free.

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4. The Mutual Breakup
You both wanted to part your ways and you decide to put an end to your relationship at the same time. You both act with maturity and analyse the situation well. Sometimes, you even end up being just good friends.

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5. The One Day Breakup
This is specific to some kinds of relationships. You fight a lot and then break up abruptly. You do it more often than you realize. Even your friends don’t bother comforting you.

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6. The I-Saw-It-Coming Breakup
When your relationship grows toxic and you know that sooner or later it is going to end. And when it does occur, you find it really hard. You fight a lot for hours and then you part your ways.

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7. The Informal Breakup
He broke up with you over WhatsApp without giving you an apt reason. You can only thank him for making things easier for you. Now you can move on over that emotionally-dumb person easily.

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8. I-Don’t-Want-To-See-His-Face-Ever-Again Breakup
Things go terrible or you find him cheating on you. You literally used this phrase and then blocked him from every possible means of communication. You just black him out just like he never existed.

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9. It-Feels-Good Breakup
When you break up with him and you just realise that you need to seek for your inner peace. You just sit at home, spend some time on your hobbies or with your friends. You ponder over things that can go right. This is the best kind of breakup.

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10. Things-Got-Too-Serious Breakup
This happens when you both entered into a relationship just to have some fun. Things get grave when one of you ends up getting serious. You just have to break up to prevent things from getting worse.

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11. The My-Parents-Don’t-Like-Your kind of Breakup
Your parents don’t like him or vice versa. Instead of making things complicated you both decide to part your ways mutually. This one happens way too much in India.

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