If you are someone who cannot live without your eye makeup and wear contact lenses then you have to be extra careful while doing your eye makeup. You don’t want the mascara to get into your eyes or the liner to stain your lenses. Below we have mentioned things to keep in mind while doing your eye makeup if you are wearing contact lenses.

1. Wash your hands- The first thing that you must do before anything is to wash your hands. Your hands must be clean before you go ahead and wear your lenses. Any sort of oil, dirt, grease or residue may get transferred with the lenses to your eyes and may cause irritation or in severe cases even eye infection. Hence, it is very important to wash your hands with soap and water and then dry them with a lint-free towel or napkin.

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2. Put contacts before makeup- Some people prefer putting contacts after putting on the makeup, but I highly recommend putting contacts on first and then following it with your makeup. When you put on the lenses before applying any makeup there are no chances of getting any makeup on the contact lenses which may cause irritation later. But when you put on lenses post makeup some of the makeup such as your eyeshadow or eyeliner may get into your eyes causing irritation.

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3. Use products which are safe for lens wearers- To avoid any of the hassles, the best idea is to opt for products which are specially designed for contact lens wearers or are hypoallergenic.

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4. Be gentle- While you are applying your makeup, make sure not to tug on your eyelids too much or else the contact lens may get jostled.

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5. While applying eyeliner- Contact wearers must pay special attention while wearing eyeliner. While applying eyeliner, choose one which is safe to use for contact wearers. Avoid tight-lining and putting on any kohl or liner on the waterline when you are wearing lenses.

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6. Eyeshadows- For contact lens wearers cream eyeshadows are preferable than powder eyeshadows. Powder eyeshadows result in more fallout when compared to the cream ones. Powder eyeshadows may fall into your eyes causing irritation or even infections in some cases.

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7. Avoid lash building mascara- The lash building mascaras may give your eyelashes a glamourous look, but these are not preferred for the contact lens wearers. The lash-building fibre, which comes along with the mascara may fall into your eyes and may get trapped under the lens causing discomfort. Hence, it is better to avoid these if you are wearing contact lenses.

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8. Don’t keep the mascara wand too close to your eyes- While applying mascara avoid placing the mascara wand too close to the eyes or the root of your lashes, as you don’t want to put any on your lenses accidently. So a better way is to start applying the mascara from the middle of your lashes instead from the roots and wiggle it upward.

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9. Avoid using fake lashes- Fake lashes and contact lenses never go hand in hand. There are very high chances of gluing your contact lenses while applying fake lashes. Thus, it is advisable not to use fake lashes when you are wearing contact lenses.

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10. Using disposable contacts- To avoid the chances of allergies caused by makeup or dirt build-up can easily be removed by using disposable lenses. This way you wear a fresh contact lens each day, which is free from any dirt or impurities hence, there are no chances of any infection.

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11. Use eye drops- If you regularly face problems such as watering and itching then you can talk to your eye care practitioner to prescribe you some eye drops. You can use these eye drops as and when suggested by your doctor. These will keep the symptoms of irritation under control. If the problems persist for a very long time, then you are advised not to wear lenses till the problem gets resolved.

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12. Remove contact lenses first- By this, I mean that you should always take off your lenses before you start removing your makeup. This is because while you are removing eye makeup there are chances that you may end up getting some into your eyes. So it is better to remove your lenses first, followed by your makeup.

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