A girl can’t get enough of lipsticks. No single girl can ever say that she have enough lipsticks for now and she don’t want more. Even if a girl is a having a little bit of penchant for makeup, she must be having a huge collection of lipsticks. But most of the girls complain that they usually end up buying the same shade of lipstick all the time. This must ring a bell here, that you still don’t know how to shop for a lipstick. So before heading out to buy a lipstick, always keep these things in mind.

1. Skin Tone
You should be thorough about your skin tone. You’ve got to admit it, that some shades don’t look good on dusky complexion. Similarly some shades don’t go well on fair skin tone. Always choose a shade that suits your skin tone. So always try it before buying.

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2. Budget
This is the second most important thing to keep in mind. Splurging on a lipstick is a no brainer. Don’t buy an expensive lipstick and regret later. Look for the brands according to your budget. If you budget is low, look for the good Indian brands.

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3. The Brand
Many varieties of lipsticks are available with the Indian and international brands. You can try a few before settling on the type you want.

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4. Expiry Date
This is also known as the shelf life of the lipsticks. Just like other cosmetics, lipsticks also have an expiry date, which very less of us know about. Most of the lipsticks have an expiry date of 3 years from manufacture, however some might have only two years of shelf life. Flip the lipstick case and look for the expiry date. It is usually written in the form of ‘24M’ where 24 is the number and M represents months.

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5. Try it First
Don’t buy the lipstick just by looking at the shade. Try it first and then make a purchase. Apply it on the back of your palm and you will know the exact shade of the lipstick.

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6. Crème or Matte?
This is the hardest decision to make. But since its summer, I would suggest you pick up a matte lipstick. The crème lipstick lag behind in staying power as compared to the matte ones. So decide yourself which one do you want for your lips.

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7. Look for the Originality
The market is full of fakes. And the ironical fact is, you won’t be able to distinguish between a fake and a real one easily. So never buy the lipsticks from the local vendors or an unknown online shopping website. Look for the branded stores nearby to purchase a lipstick.

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8. Don’t Buy Lipstick Online
Never buy lipstick online until and unless you know properly which shade you want. Sometimes the shade depicted in the images are different from the real. So it is better to go out and purchase the lipstick in person.

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9. Remember the Shades You Already Have
Purchasing the same lip colour again isn’t a good idea. So make a list of the shades you already have. Keep this list in front of you when you’re making a purchase. This will avoid repetition.

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10. Check the Online Reviews
There are certain websites which are dedicated to posting cosmetics review. Check the reviews of the lipstick brand online. This will help you make a judicious purchase.

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11. Check the Ingredients
If you’re allergic to certain ingredients, check the ingredient list before buying it. Steer clear from parabens.

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12. Decide the Type you want
Don’t be confused between the shade and the type. Be sure which type of lipstick you want. A gloss, a matte, a tint of a satin one. At this time one needs to properly decide which type of lipstick you want. Also keep the weather and the purpose in mind.

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So now you have a self-help guide to make a right purchase of lipstick. Excited for your next purchase?

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