Women are of different colour, some are bubbly while the others are more contained ones. In fact, this variation is something that makes women mysterious yet interesting. You must have heard about sun signs? Didn’t you? They are said to decide our personality traits. We don’t know how true they are, but it is always fun to read them. So come let’s unveil what kind of girlfriend you are according to your sun sign.

If you don’t know your sun sign we’re here to help you out with it.

Look out for your birth date.

1. Aries
March 21 – April 20
They are the straightforward kind of women. They love adventures and are fearless. No faint-hearted guy can ever date an Aries. If a guy wants her girl to be submissive and passive, he can stay away from an Aries. Aries women are the best for the men who don’t want a baby girl in the form of their girlfriend.

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2. Taurus
April 21 – May 21
They are the hard to get kind of women. Men can’t easily win their heart. And if they win their heart, she won’t be the one who’s going to look out for other men than her own. Taurus women are hardcore loyal. And she expects the same from their partner.

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3. Gemini
May 22 – June 21
These types of girls are fun and frolic types of girls. They can never sit still. So I a man’s going to date Gemini woman, he’s never going to be lacking in adventure. All the women are jealous of Gemini women for having a bubbly heart.

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4. Cancer
June 22 – July 23
Cancer women are very caring and gentle kind of women. They are always mysterious. They are full of unconditional love for their man. Cancer women invest their 100% in a relationship without expecting anything in return.

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5. Leo
July 24 – Aug. 23
Just like the lioness, Leo women are loud and confident. They are always the centre of attraction wherever they go. They are high-maintenance, stylish and in love with themselves. Leo women grab all the attention when a guy walks around with her.

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6. Virgo
Aug 24 – Sept. 23
Virgo women are logical and very stable. A man can easily plan to grow old with such a woman. They have their priorities sorted and they never like to waste their time. A man can’t ever go off the track if he’s having a Virgo girl as a partner.

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7. Libra
Sept. 24 – Oct. 23
They are much of a social butterfly kind of girls. They like to communicate with people and they are quite good at it. They are affectionate as well as elegant. People can learn the social skills from a Libra women. They always talk sweetly with people. A Libra woman can bring peace and balance in her man’s mind.

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8. Scorpio
Oct. 24 – Nov. 22
They are the intense love makers. A scorpion woman can heat up the bedroom like no one else. She is the perfect blend of femininity and strength. She is intelligent yet humble, she is independent yet elegant. A Scorpion woman can make any man go weak on his knees.

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9. Sagittarius
Nov. 23 – Dec. 21
They are the spontaneous kind of women. They can scare anyone at the first meet. A man can get to know her as the time passes. Her quick wit and sense of humour can spice up any man’s life. Such type of girlfriend can make any man’s life easy.

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10. Capricorn
Dec. 22 – Jan. 20
Capricorn women are hardworking, sorted, ambitious and organised. They can make any man live in an organised way as well. For men who like the independent woman, Capricorns are the best. She is smart and mature, yet having the grace of a woman.

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11. Aquarius
Jan. 21 – Feb. 19
Aquarius women are very passionate about their work and career. They are superb at making plans. They’re really loyal and honest too.

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12. Pisces
Feb. 20 – Mar. 20
They are the bit concealed type of women. They never give their 100% to a man. She never opens up easily. Pisces women tend to live in their own little world. Most of the time they are calm and contained. Their feminine character can make any one fall in love with them.

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