Doing makeup is an art and like any other art form it needs a lot of practice to master it. But not when you are equipped with these beauty hacks. Not only these hacks will save you a lot of time and money but you are also going to get a lot of compliments on your makeup as well. Have a look at the top 13 beauty hacks that will change your life, for good.

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1. Business cards/scotch tape- Winged liner is one thing that even the most experienced makeup junkies can’t get right sometimes. In fact, this is the case with a lot of us. When we decide that today I am going to create a winged liner, we are never too sure if we will get it right or not. But if you want your winged liner to be spot on every time you decide to do it then use either a business card or stick on some scotch tape to get the shape right. All you have to do is place the business card diagonally under your eye where you want your wing. Use the liner to draw the wing with card/scotch tape as a stencil.

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2. Spoons- There are quite a few ways in which you can use a spoon. For instance, if you don’t have an eyelash curler or you just broke yours, you can use the spoon to curl your lashes. Warm up the spoon a little with a blow dryer and then press your lashes on the edges of the spoon to curl them. You can also use the spoon as a mascara shield. Place the spoon over your eyelid so that it is covered and then apply the mascara as you normally do. Cold spoons can be used for reducing the puffiness around the eye area.

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3. Natural lip plumper and highlighters- Big voluptuous lips are so much in trend right now and women are not shying away from trying out different alternatives to get those plump lips. Why spend your hard earned money on lip injections or expensive lip plumper when you can achieve the same look by just using peppermint oil and a highlighter? Mix the tiniest amount of peppermint oil with a little Vaseline or lip balm and apply it on your lips, followed by your lip gloss or lipstick. And to accentuate the lips, even more, apply some highlighter on your cupid’s bow as well.

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4. Eyeshadows as eyeliner- If you have run out of your eyeliner or you want to go for a more natural eye look then you can use a black, brown or any other colour eyeshadow to create a soft line. This will give your eyes a defined look but without looking too dramatic.

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5. Use your concealer to prime your eyes- Although there are separate products available in the market which are specially meant for this purpose. But if you don’t want to spend those extra bucks from your kitty, then you can double up your concealer as an eyeshadow primer. The concealer acts just as fine for covering up any darkness on your eyes and also makes your eyeshadow appear brighter. It also ensures that your eyeshadow lasts longer.

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6. Use baby powder to make your lashes fuller- You can achieve fuller lashes by using baby powder on your lashes. To achieve this, apply a coat of mascara and then use a cotton swab to apply baby powder on your lashes and follow with another coat of mascara. And there you have it longer and fuller lashes.

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7. Use Vaseline as an eyelash conditioner- For years, we have been using petroleum jelly for several beauty concerns such as chapped lips, dry skin, as a makeup remover and much more. But that is not all that the mighty skincare product is capable of doing. Petroleum jelly acts as a great moisturizer for your lashes while helping in growing your lashes longer and faster. Use an old mascara wand to apply petroleum jelly on your eyelashes every night before going to bed.

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8. Skip false eyelashes, use tight lining instead- A lot of people underestimate the power of tight lining. Makeup artists all around the world swear by this amazing trick of making sparse eyelashes appear fuller in just a few seconds and all you need is an eyeliner pencil. Use a black eye pencil to line your upper lash line, this will give your eyelashes a naturally fuller appearance.

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9. Make you lipstick stay longer- If you want your lipstick to survive throughout the day all you need is a tissue and some loose powder. After applying your lip colour, take a tissue paper and blot your lips. Then apply some loose powder on your lips and apply another layer of lipstick. Blot your lips for one last time and there you go. Now you are ready to rock your lips the whole day.

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10. Double up your mascara as eyeliner- So you are heading out on a date and then you realize that you have run out of your eyeliner. But fret not girl, you can double up your mascara as your eyeliner. Just take an angled eyeliner brush or any eyeliner brush and swipe it on the mascara wand to get enough product on it and line your lashes like you normally would.

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11. Use fevicol to get a tidy manicure- If you have a hard time while painting your nails or you just can’t stay within the lines, then this hack is perfect for you. Before painting your nails apply a thin layer of fevicol on your cuticles, then apply the nail paint as you normally would. Once you are done with all your nails, peel off the glue from your fingers. And there you have it, a manicure that looks nothing less than professional.

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12. Toothbrush to tame down flyaways- Flyways are really difficult to tame down, especially the baby hair around your face. In order to make them lie flat on your head, all you need is an old toothbrush and hairspray. Spritz some hairspray onto the brush and then use this brush to brush down your baby hair.

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13. Calm down inflamed pimples with eye drops- The common ingredient found in eye drops is tetrahydrozoline, which relieves redness. It works by constricting the blood vessels and hence making sore red eyes look whiter and clearer. It does the same thing when applied on inflamed pimples and reduces the inflammation.

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