Mothers never expect more than a smile or the unconditional love from their kids. But, to that surprising smile on her face, we still love to astound her with our playful trickeries and ideas.

On this Mother’s Day i.e. May 14, we are here with some amazing ideas of DIY gifts, for the ones who know the real value of mother’s love and care. Just a simple smile on your face can make your mother the happiest person in the world, but what if you can add an immense joy to that existing contentment.

In this article, you will find 5 such DIY gift ideas that you can easily afford to make at home, and your mother will be joyous to have them for this Mother’s Day.

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1. A Soothing Bath Scrub

Image Source: squarespace

• 2 Passion Tea Bags
• 1 cup of Granulated Sugar
• Pink Food Coloring
• Orange Essential Oil
• ½ cup of Jojoba Pure Oil
Step 1: Pour sugar into a bowl and empty the two tea bags in it.
Step 2: Now add 5-7 drops of pink food coloring in it and mix well.
Step 3: Then add 5 drops of Orange Essential Oil into the bowl and mix well again.
Step 4: Store in an air-tight decorative container.
This amazing spa therapy will be a great retreat for you mom to take a day off from all the hectic work, that she has been wanting to get for so long.
2. Mason Jar Photo Frame-cum-Vase

Image Source: musely

• One Clean Mason Jar
• Vinyl Shape or Sticker and A Picture
• Clear Spray Paint
• Paint Brush
• Painter’s Tape
• Radiant Orchid Color Paint
Step 1: Place the vinyl or the painter’s tape on the area you don’t to get painted.
Step 2: Now paint your jar from outside and immediately remove the sticker or tape before letting the paint get dry.
Step 3: Then, resize or cut the picture as per the size of the left-out space and then tape it on the inside part of the jar.
Step 4: Scrap off the lettering on the jar to get a finer look.
Step 5: Seal the paint with a clear spray paint from the outside of the mason jar.
Step 6: At last, place a paper cup inside the jar to help the flowers stay on the place.
Isn’t this totally adorable?

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3. Mother’s Day Special Mug

Image Source: pinimg

• White ceramic mug
• An oven
• Glass/ceramic paint marker
Step 1: wash and dry your ceramic mug completely.
Step 2: Draw a design of your choice or write a quote/text/message.
Step 3: Let the mug dry for 8-10 hours or as per the instructions on the marker.
Step 4: At last, bake the mug for 40 minutes at 375degrees.
I mean, how this anything is better but a sip of love!
4. Magnet Makeup Boards

Image Source: wordpress

• Spray Paint for base color
• Unused or Old Frame, bid enough to hang makeup products
• Adhesive
• Base fabric for the board
• Stash of your makeup products
• A bunch of magnets
• Pill containers
Step 1: Take the board and clean it properly.
Step 2: Now spray paint the base color and let it dry.
Step 3: Then, wrap the fabric on the board to cover the area.
Step 4: Take your makeup products and attach magnets at the back of them using the adhesive. Let them dry properly.
Step 5: Spray paint the pill containers and let them dry.
Step 6: Now attach the magnets to the side of the container as well.
Step 7: Hang the board onto the wall and attach the magnets together to hang the products along.
There’s no way she wouldn’t love this gift!

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