A dress doesn’t suffice alone to make you look bold and gorgeous. You need to put on your makeup right. So when we talk about makeup, lipstick is something which cannot be dispensed off. The lipstick is the first thing which gets noticed about your face and it does the most of the talking. So when you’re wearing a red dress, choosing a lipstick is an elaborate task to do. It is a question of prime importance. The colour red is symbolic of liveliness and vividness, so wearing the right kind of makeup with it, is a tricky thing to do. Whenever you try to match your lipstick with your dress, you end up looking overdone and gaudy. And if you try to look plain, you end up looking plain and lifeless.

So let us introduce some ideas from the best of our world to work wonders with your red dress!

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There are only a few colors in the pallet which can handle the vivacity of red colour. The rest of the colours make it overkilled.
So when you’re picking out the correct shade to wear with your red dress, which one is the best becomes an inevitable question. So check out these lipstick shades which go pretty well with the red dress.

1. Nude
When you’ve already had too much of this question then blindly put your finger on the nude shade. Because it is the easiest and the safest option to work with red. This way you will let your red dress lose to do all the talking by itself. It will steal all the limelight. And applying nude lipstick means that you can definitely don some flashy eye makeup. So regardless of whether it’s a Sunday brunch or a candlelight dinner, you can always look spectacular with your nude shade and red dress on.

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2. Peaches and Pink
If you’re having fairer skin tone and want to go for some colour rather than going for nude, then the peachy lips are the best answer for your concern. It adds bloom to your lips while making them appear natural. But make sure that the shade is subtle. When you chose this lipstick shade for your red dress, then do not use matte shades. It can make your dress look dull.

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3. Matching Red
It takes a lot of flamboyance and confidence to parade the red dress with the red lipstick. Many of the women stay away from this combination. But it really looks beautifully bold. But when you decide to wear red lipstick with your red dress, do not match your shade entirely with your dress. Go for 3-4 shades lighter. Go for matte shades rather than the matte ones. Glossy shades often suffer bleeding and get smudged off.
Now you’re going for a bold shade of lipstick, make sure that you wear light and very subtle makeup for eyes.

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4. Lip Gloss
When you’re totally confused on what lip colour to wear with your red dress, you can just go with the natural colour of your lips. Just apply a modest lip gloss. This will enhance the natural sculpt of your lips. This will impart a natural look to your face and you can carry it off with much ease. If you want to add some colour, you can go for colours like brown, peach or cherry. These shades will add shine to your lips with colour.

This idea works very well with the casual outfit.

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We hope you liked our suggestion for lipstick to wear with the red dress. Do share your experiences with us.

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