Are you unable to fit into your old clothes just because you feel that your bra size has surged or they have become shapeless? Or do you feel embarrassed while dressed up in your western clothes due to your sagging breasts? Well, if you are facing any of these scenarios then perhaps you are a victim of Ptosis, which is the medical term for drooping of breasts. This generally happens after breast feeding of the baby, though your twin parts get to sag right after you get pregnant.

During pregnancy the breasts get heavier and fuller and this goes on enhancing as pregnancy progresses. This makes the ligaments that support the breasts to stretch and thus making the breasts to sag more and more. The change is more pertinent if one has heavy bust size. There is nothing to worry about it, as there are some ways in which you can prevent breast sagging.

1. Wear a bra that provides good support:This is very crucial point to keep in mind as a supportive bra would make your breast look in more shape. You must know what your bra size is and it is suggested to take one size smaller than it so that the bust appears more attractive. There are wired bras too that are available these days and they are very well known for providing a firm support to the boobs at the bottom and thus making them look beautiful in correct shape.

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2. Exercise Regularly: This is extremely important during your pregnancy and mind it! that regular exercise doesn’t mean going to gymnasium and working out heavily. It instead means practicing some simpler exercises like regular walks, yoga or some simple aerobic steps. This will not only keep your breasts healthy and in shape but it will do very good for your whole body as well as your child. But make sure that you consult with your doctor once before going forward with any exercise.

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3. Eat Healthy: The sagging of breasts can be avoided by eating healthy food. Foods rich in proteins, fats and complex carbs provide the body the essential nutrients that promote the healthy tissues of the skin. It has been researched that eating fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin B and E during breastfeeding reduces the chances of breast sagging. Moreover the foods that are rich in low saturated fat are good for keeping the breasts in shape as they maintain the firmness as well as the elasticity of the breasts. Egg yolk, butter, yoghurt are some food items that the nursing mothers should add in their diet for staying in shape.

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4. Improve your posture while Breastfeeding: There is one serious mistake that the mothers commit while breastfeeding and it is leaning over the baby or slouching. This puts more pressure over the breasts thus elongating them and worsening the shape of the body. It is advised to use a pillow or some other smooth support while feeding the baby as it would help the breasts not to sag.

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