Remember all those butterflies and Goosebumps when you fell in love for the first time? But, the things aren’t going to be same if you’re a woman with a child. All these Goosebumps, red roses, promises and dates would be nothing novel for you. In fact, it is going to be difficult. So if you’re thinking about any such thing, then pull up your socks and be mentally prepared for some things to come across. Falling is love for the second time is nothing unacceptable. But if you’re a single mother, you have another life towed with you. Your decisions now should be more sound and mature. So you need to ask these questions to yourself if you’re ready to fall for the second time. But this time make sure, that you don’t fall in love; You rise in love!

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1. Do You Really Need Him?
There are many women these days who find happiness in being on their own. This feeling grows stronger if they had a messy marriage. But a bad experience of your life shouldn’t stop you from starting afresh. But before making the move, ask yourself are you capable of independent existence? If yes, then it okay to carry on your life with someone.

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2. Be Very Specific About Your Needs
Make it very clear to him about your expectations from him. Whether you want someone to split up the responsibilities or you just want a person to be by your side. Whatever is the case, be specific.

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3. What Do You Want in Your Partner?
You have to keep your guard on when you’re single, a parent and so vulnerable. Men might want to manipulate you. The man you’re interested in should be stable in life both financially and emotionally. A man still trying to get over his ex, won’t do.

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4. Are Your Kids Ready to Accept Their New Dad?
Children find it really hard to accept the fact that their mother now has a new partner. So before taking the step, make your man gel with your kids. Ask your partner clearly whether he will accept your kids as his own. Talk to your children about the upcoming changes and assure them, no matter what, you’re going to stay by their side. Never make them feel alone just because you’ve found a new interest.

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