Foundation plays a very important part in a makeup routine. And there are many of us who struggle with a non-cakey foundation look because we sometimes miss out the little things. So, here in this article, we have listed some tips to get a non-cakey foundation look that will do wonders for you.

1. First, moisturize your skin

First, moisturize your skinImage Source: self

Always apply a nice amount of moisturizer to your face. You can use your fingers or sponge to make the moisturizer absorb completely into your skin. This simple tip will help you get a perfect base for makeup.

2. Now, apply primer

Now, apply primerImage Source: galstyles

Apply a primer to your skin that suits your skin type and make sure you cover the entire face. As an alternative, you can also apply a makeup setting spray once you are done with the make. After applying the primer, leave it on for 2 minutes or till it gets dry.

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3. Blend it well

Blend it wellImage Source: thisisinsider

Blending is an important part of any makeup as it provides you with a perfect finish by preventing your foundation becoming cakey. It is suggested that you should blend your makeup for at least 2 minutes. And always make sure you slightly blend the area around your nose or hairline.

4. Apply loose powder

Apply loose powderImage Source: avoskinbeauty

Gently, sweep loose powder to your face with a brush to set the foundation. A dash of powder on the areas that are bit shiny can work for you a long way.

So, these were the few tips to get a non-cakey foundation look.

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