Nowadays, if you see, the majority of kids are addicted to electronic devices and social media, which is leading the future generations towards a gloomy world. Various tech giants like Google and Facebook have taken some initiatives for online safety of kids. Still, a question comes to mind that is it enough to control a kid’s screen time? Well, I don’t think so. Various research shows that switching and moving screens have a very bad impact on the concentration of a kid’s mind. But, don’t worry you can still save your child by using these effective ways to control your kids’ screen time.

1. Set a good example

Set a good exampleImage Source: understood

Setting a good example in front of your kids is the best way to control your kid’s screen time. Make a keen effort by avoiding your phone and tablet in front of your kids. Because it is important that you cut down on your own obsession and soon your kids will also follow the same footsteps.

2. Place computer in common area of the house

Place computer in common area of the houseImage Source: tripadvisor

By placing the computer in the common area, everyone can see what the child is doing while using the device. Besides this, also ensure that your kid uses the computer when someone is present around her and him.

3. More outdoor activities

 More outdoor activitiesImage Source: activeforlife

Make your kids try various outdoor activities and make him play with other kids too. This simple tip will ensure that your kid doesn’t restrain to a room with various devices. Take them out and let them enjoy outdoor activities.

4. Don’t gift smartphone

Dont gift smartphoneImage Source: huffpost

There are chances that your kid may demand a smartphone all thanks to the peer pressure. But, you need to make them understand that they will be given a smartphone when they reach a certain age and are able to handle the electronic devices.

5. Reserve some personal time

 Reserve some personal timeImage Source: picdn

Always try to spare some time for your family. Try to interact with your kids during that time. This will help your kids learn how to interact with you and will also help in making your bond strong.

So, these were the few ways to control your kids’ screen time.

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