Recently, a study was published by the Cornell University which showed that if couples are earing the same amount, then they are less likely to part their ways. But, if one of them earns more, there are chances that it might lead to money-related conflicts between them. So, here we are sharing some common money problems faced by the couples.

1. Different spending habits

 Different spending habitsImage Source: liveyourtruth

Spending habits can create a lot of differences between the partners. If one of you spends without saving and another one always thinks about saving. Well, there are higher chances of conflict between you both regarding this.

2. Keeping secrets

Keeping secretsImage Source: traileraddict

For instance, if your partner has invested money in a high-risk project and you also have taken loans and have not informed each other regarding the matter then, there are chances that you might face money problems which will also affect your relationship badly.

3. Different goals

Different goalsImage Source: wp

Both of you can earn the same or have different salary slab. But, your individual goals may always differ. Like you may want to save money for buying a home, but your partner wants to invest money in various schemes which later can cause trouble between you.

4. Who’s in charge?

Whos in charge?Image Source: wordpress

Normally, the guy takes the charge of managing the finances. But, this can lead to problems between you two. And it is not necessary that only one of you needs to manage the finances. So, try to manage the finance equally and be responsible.

5. Debt

DebtImage Source: co

Another thing that can lead to problems between you two. Like, if your partner is prone to take high financial risks but you like to play safely, then there are chances that you two might end up in the fight.

So, these were the few money problems faced by the couples.

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