Christmas is just around the corner and if you have not already started with decorating your Christmas tree, then you should. But this time, instead of using the traditional lights and ornaments try something new and interesting. Here are 5 exciting new ways to decorate your Christmas tree this year.

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1. Traditionally Christmas trees were decorated with a lot of edible decorations. If you are also feeling the old-school style, then decorate your Christmas tree with chocolates, cookies, lollipops, apples, nuts as well as other edible items you like. We are sure your tree will be adored by your foody friends and relatives.

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2. If you want your Christmas tree to look cute and all dolled up, then you should definitely use pom poms. Pom poms look very cute and they are available in several varieties when it comes to colours and textures. You can choose from woollen, glitter, paper, cloth, lace, etc., depending on your personal preference as well the overall décor.

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3. Pinecones are one of the most important piece of decoration for a Christmas tree. Though it could be really difficult to get your hands on the original pine cones and thus you can use the fake ones which are readily available in the market. With pine cones as well you can get a lot of variety. You can either choose the basic plain ones or you can also go for the coloured and embellished ones.

Pine Cone Christmas Decorations IndesignartsandcraftsImage Source: zapriateli

4. Gone are the times when people just used to stick to the basic Christmas tree decoration. Nowadays, people are concentrating more on experimentation. Many people are going for different themes such as an all red theme, or the snow theme or even beach inspired theme. In this theme, you can use sea shells for decorating the tree which will give it a very modern edge to it.


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5. In my opinion, nothing could look as beautiful as a Christmas tree adorned with flowers. You can use any flowers of your choice but make sure to use artificial flowers so that you can keep them for as long as you want. You can either mix and match other ornaments and decorations with the flowers or go for the “flower only” decoration.

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