Pores are small openings on your skin which may get blocked with dirt, pollution and with the use of makeup. When this gunk keeps depositing in the pores but doesn’t get cleaned it leads to clogged pores. Clogged pores may make your pores appear bigger and also leads to blackheads and whiteheads. Daily cleansing is not enough to keep the pores clean and you have to incorporate some extra steps in order to avoid this situation.

Below we have mentioned some effective tips which can help you get rid of clogged pores and keep them at bay.

1. Use a natural scrub- Using a natural exfoliator on a regular basis may help greatly in order to reduce the pore size drastically. The exfoliator will get rid of all the gunk and junk deposited in your pores and will you help achieve a pore-less skin. You can prepare a homemade scrub by soaking oatmeal in warm water and then using it as a scrub to exfoliate your face. Oatmeal is the perfect scrub for you if your skin is oily and irritated. Another amazing all natural exfoliator is baking soda. Baking soda is very gentle on the skin but at the same time helps in getting rid of all the oil and dirt particles from your skin.

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2. Use a cooling pack- Once you are done with your scrubbing you must ensure that your pores are closed. It is not always the clogged pores which give the appearance of enlarged pores but a lot of times you pore may get stretched permanently and that is the reason why your pores look big. To solve this problem, you must apply a cold pack or a cold compress on your pores in order to shrink them. You can apply chilled raw milk on your face or you can rub an ice cube to shrink the size of the pores. You can also make cucumber or mint mask as these have naturally occurring cooling properties and may help greatly in reducing the size of the pores.

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3. Do not tug your skin- Pinching or tugging your skin may worsen the problem. Being too harsh on the skin may leave it even more irritated as well as cause trauma to the skin cells. So make sure to deal with your skin gently if you want to avoid large pores.

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4. Treat it- If none of the above tips are working for you then try using a product which is especially meant for this purpose. There are several creams, gels and masks which help in refining your pores from deep within. The active ingredients suck out all the impurities from within your pores to the surface of the skin from where you can easily wash them away. These products also fasten up the process of cell regeneration which makes your skin look fresh and clear.

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5. Keep a check on your makeup products- If you are someone who loves to wear makeup on a daily basis, then make sure that the products you choose are light weight and noncomedogenic, which means they won’t clog pores. Another great way to prevent the makeup from getting in direct contact with your skin is to apply a face primer before putting on any makeup on your face. The primer will act as a barrier between your face and the makeup, thus preventing clogged pores.

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