Decorous or vivid, no matter whichever look you want for yourself, the eye makeup plays an important role in the way you look. Glamourous or playful, if the eyeliner is done perfectly according to our eye shape, adds so much to our beauty. The point is, you should know how to apply eyeliner perfectly. Changing the eyeliner style is a perfect way to make a difference in your look because your eyes are the first a person notices about you while talking.

So here are 5 eyeliner styles which you can’t just live without. Let your eyes do all the talking tonight:

1. Cat-eye or Winged: This one is usually for big eyes. The cat-eye eyeliner never goes out of fashion. It looks flattering on each and every eye shape while delivering a glamorous, sultry and notorious look to your eyes. When you’re wearing a cat-eye eyeliner, all the other makeup looks tasteless in front of it. You can use a liquid eyeliner or the gel eyeliner to get the look.

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How to apply winged/cat-eye eyeliner: Hold the pencil or the applicator on the inner corner of your eyelids and using a steady hand, trace your lash line till the outer corners. Continue the line diagonally upwards as you reach the outermost corner of your eyes.

2. Vintage or Retro: This is suitable for all the eye shapes. It is included in the classic fashion trend. If you want an attractive appearance or if you’re wearing an Indian attire, this is perfect for you. The actresses of yesteryears used to wear it all the time to their public gatherings.

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How to Apply Vintage Eyeliner: Line your upper eyelids beginning from the inner corner of your eyes and extending towards the outer corner. Stay close to your lash line. This gives you a perfect night-time look.

3. Funky Eyeliner: This one is also meant for all the eye shapes. But it is especially restricted to parties and weddings only. You can use various glittery colours if you have the confidence to carry it. You need to have a neutral coloured pencil and a coloured liner for this look.

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How to Apply Funky Eyeliner: Line your eyelids with a coloured eyeliner of your choice. Outline it with a black eyeliner or the brown eyeliner. The vivid colours of the liner attract the attention to your eyes.

4. Smokey Eyeliner: Women who are blessed with large eyelids can use this as a filler. This eyeliner style has the perfect blend of sharpness and the smokiness in one package.

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How to Apply Smokey Eyeliner: Apply a smouldering shade of black or brown shadow on your upper and lower lids both. Line the upper lid with a thick line of liquid eyeliner to further amplify the look. Blend the eyeshadow at the ends to give it a self-smudged look.

5. Fake Big Eyes Eyeliner: It is used as enhancers by those who have small or medium sized eyes. This type of eyeliner is used to create an illusion of big eyes.

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How to Apply Fake Big Eyes Eyeliner: Apply the classic eyeliner using a black or a brown pencil. But the difference is that the centre portion of the eyeliner is thicker while the inner and the outer portion remain tapered.

Feel free to experiment on yourself to get that perfect look for yourself. You can add on your own makeup skills to enhance your eyeliner.

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