Few things in life are impossible to resist, especially when it comes to your favorite food or that peppy dance number you love to show your amazing dance moves on. So is the festival of Holi, irresistible and fun to enjoy with all your friends and relatives.
Even though you are fed up of that bulging tummy, you couldn’t stop yourself from eating all those mouthwatering savory Dahi Bhallas or sweet delicious Gujiyas. And don’t forget to add the amount of Bhang Thandai you love to gutter down your intestine to throw in some extra fun on the eve of Holi.

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We have a better idea for you to organize an unforgettable Holi this year, with all that fun and excitement you have been waiting for the whole year! Start planning right now with these amazing tips:


Though Holi is not a formal occasion but a national festival that everyone loves to enjoy as much you would. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it special and unforgettable for your loved ones. Do something hatke this Holi, make exclusive invites to invite your guests at home.
You can either get some handmade paper and write out simple names with invitations attached with a small packet of Gulaal and send out to your relatives and friends!

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No Holi is complete without some dance moves on Rang Barse or other retro songs playing the background on a loud volume! Some of the all-time favorite peppy Holi dance numbers are Holi Ke Din or Holi Khele Raghuveera or Ang Se Ang Lagana or Balam Pichkari and much more from Bollywood that we love to throw some amazing moves on.
You can also add a karaoke machine to add some more fun, why just listen when you can sing too!

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Drooling on yummy street food is okay on Holi! But instead of eating those unhygienic and unhealthy street food items on the streets, it’s better you make them at home and enjoy a healthy Holi without falling sick after having so much non-stop fun.
Pani Puri, chhole bhature, chaat papdi, dahi bhalle and much more food items counterpart the Holi festivities. Add a dash of Bhang in the traditional Holi dishes to double the fun and minus the stress for a little while.

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The true joy of playing Holi comes out when you have at least a glass of Bhang-laced Thandai and live in the true spirit of the festivity. But not all of us are good in dealing with the aftereffects of Bhang, so for those who like to keep it simple yet fun, keep traditional drinks like normal Thandai, soft drinks, cocktails, and lemonades to enjoy.

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What’s Holi without water? Well, everything and healthy! Holi doesn’t mean that playing with water is essential, but you can enjoy Holi even without using water and playing with dry colors like herbal Gulaal or flowers as well.
Playing with water and pakka colors is fun, but the damage it causes to your skin is not worth the risk, though. So, it’s better to play with herbal or organic Gulaal instead of those harsh colors.

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Share your ideas of a great Holi and how you are planning to play an amazing festival of Colors this year!

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