Having a round face doesn’t always go with all those dresses you easily pull off. So, through makeup, you can create a camouflage that will give you a slimmer and slender look, without having to do any hard work.

Yes, makeup can do wonders, especially if you need an instant transformation in your personality, for some special occasion or just because you feel like it.

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Here are the best makeup tips that you can use to camouflage your face with a sleek and slender look.

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1. Pump Up Those Beautiful Eyes

Eyes are the most attractive and important feature of your face, that when applying the correct makeup can power up your entire personality, and also helps to drive away the attention from the round shape of your face.

• Always begin with applying the eyeliner first (only after applying highlighter or concealer for the base). Instead of that thin precise line of your liner, get a smudgy look to give your eyes a bold look.

• Always pick an eyeshadow that suits your skin shade, and go well with your dress as well. Apply darker shades on corner parts of your eye and flow with the lighter shades to go up to the brow line.

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• Always merge the shades in a proper way to give them a tidy look.

• Apply coats of mascara to give your lashes a heavy look naturally, without having to add those artificial ones over the top.

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2. Get Those Eyebrows Right

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Well-groomed eyebrows can define your beauty up to the extent of perfection, even without applying too much of makeup to slim down your look.

For the people with round face, they are recommended to keep your eyebrow’s arch slightly to the higher point, forming an upside down tick.

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3. Blush Away Those Cheeks

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A good blusher always gives you a toned and sharper look, but only if you apply it right.

• Apply the blush directly to your cheekbones and blend towards the temple.
• Take light shade blush like pink or peach that you can never go wrong with.
• Apply brisk and firm strokes, to cover the fullness of your face, in sweeping motions.

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• Avoid applying the blush in circular motions, as it will only highlight the roundness of your face.
• To add a little bit of drama to your sleek feature, blend in a small amount of highlighter over the top of your cheekbones, in soft and smooth sweeping motions.

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4. Plump Up Those Luscious Lips

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This trick is especially for the ones who has thin lips, which in fact, makes your face look rounder.

• Using a lip liner will instantly make your thin lips look voluminous. Just make sure to apply the liner on the lower lip only.

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• If you have dusky skin, then nude shades and glossy lip colors are best for you as they give a natural and fuller look. But if you have a fairer complexion, then you can go for peach or pink lip colors.

• Try to avoid bright shades.

• And if you wish to add volume, then apply a shimmery gloss in the middle part of your lower lip, right over your neutral lip color.

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5. Darker The Foundation Sleeker The Look

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No matter what color your skin tone is, applying a darker shade foundation will highlight the cheekbones and forehead area, drawing attention away from the sides, to make your face look slimmer and slender.

• Apply a good moisturizer after you have cleaned your face well. Then pick a foundation which is one or two shades darker than your skin tone and then apply it on your face and neck.

• Apply an even more darker shade foundation on the hollow of your cheeks to slender them down.

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Just grab those magic wands called makeup brushes and get yourself a slim and slender look instantly!

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