Lipstick, lipstick everywhere! And still, we can’t get enough of them. ‘I have enough lipsticks and I don’t need any more’, said no girl ever! Isn’t it? No lipsticks are too many lipsticks. So for this upcoming season, bring some new additions to your vanity. Here are some hot and chic lipstick shades that you need to try this season.

1. Coffee Lips
Who doesn’t love coffee? And what’s better than having some coffee shades on your lips? A fresh dew makeup, pinkie cheeks and a coffee-stained pair of luscious lips. Feeling bold, already? Try the chestnut brown shades of lipstick which looks good both in matte and satin.

Lipstick Shades1

2. Crimson Hue
While the summer season was mostly taken up by the strong matte shades. Now it is time to bring out the glossy diva in you. Try experimenting some glossy red shades on your lips.

Lipstick Shades2Image Source: blogspot

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3. Very Berry
A dark berry shades look best with the dewy complexion. Once you will try this shade on your lips, you will believe that this shade was made in heaven itself. You won’t look for any other shade when heading for a night party.

Lipstick Shades3Image Source: i.ytimg

4. Vampy Violet
Though we hate the Vamps of the TV serials, but there is something about them that we couldn’t resist at all. That’s the perfectly done makeup of these vamps. So bring the downright adventurous side of yourself out and find the violet shade that suits the best on your skin tone. But make sure you don’t do gaudy eye makeup with the violet lips. Let your eyes remain subtle.

Lipstick Shades4Image Source: juliavcaruso

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5. Tawny Nudes
Nudes are not going to be out of fashion anytime soon. A matte nude lipstick looks glamourous yet subtle at every occasion, irrespective of the time of the day. This time, ditch your conventional nude lipstick. Try the nude shades with pink undertones for accentuating your lips.

Lipstick Shades5Image Source: blogspot

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