Being in a relationship is an amazing feeling because this is the phase when you realize that there is someone out there who loves you and is worried about you. But, a happy relationship can be sustained only if both the partners are equally involved. Like working on the issues you have or making efforts to make each other feel special. And if these small things are missing in your relationship, then maybe you are heading towards one-sided love. So, here we have listed some signs that you are in one-sided love.

1. You always reach out at first place

You always reach out at first placeImage Source: exploringyourmind

If you are the one who texts and call your SO at first place, then it’s time to stop and think are you doing the right thing. To be in a relationship, both the partners need to take the initiative to start a conversation. And if things really don’t work, let go of it before it’s too late.

2. You are an option for him

You are an option for himImage Source: imgur

If he plans to take you out on a date and for some reason, you didn’t show up, and he takes his friend for a movie then, this clearly states that you are not important to him.

3. He doesn’t feel excited

He doesnt feel excitedImage Source: psychologytoday

For every relationship, it is important to have a sense of craziness present in it. It is needed that your partner feels excited and a bit wild when he sees you in an elegant outfit. And if he shows blank faces, then it’s the time you understand your relationship is going nowhere.

4. You always beg for love and respect

You always beg for love and respectImage Source: understandingrelationships

Almost every woman is vulnerable even if she is strong. And if you are not getting the love and respect that you actually deserve, then maybe your partner may not deserve you. Don’t feel afraid to move out of this relationship and stop expecting and waiting as things are not going happen the way you wanted.

5. Laugh out the serious discussions

Laugh out the serious discussionsImage Source: ccm2

A funny guy is what every girl wants to be with but, it should be to some certain limit. Being funny all the time even when you are having a serious conversation is not cool. Maturity is also important in a relationship. And something ignoring some serious stuff can make the relationship suffer.

So, these were the few signs that you are in one-sided love.

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