Every person has a dream to make their home beautiful by adding some beautiful decorative items. And if you are the one who loves candles, then we have something really interesting for you guys. As we all know that candles are the most romantic accessory that can turn up your mood. But, you can also use this simple accessory to decorate your house. Just place few candles in a cluster and voila. And to help you out we have listed some ways to decorate home with candles.

1. Place them on a table

place them on a tableImage Source: chatelaine

Want to make your random weekday meal special? Then, decorating your dining table with candles is the best way to make your meal special. You can opt for the tall ones and the medium-sized ones. It is your choice to keep them standing or just place them simply on your table. For making the setting romantic, just add a few rose petals on the table.

2. Light up the lanterns

Light up the lanternsImage Source: idolza

Candles enclosed in the glass lanterns look beautiful, and now you can even place them in your house. In this simple way, you can add a vintage look to your house. You just need to find a corner in your house where you can place the lantern.

3. Make your own aroma candle

 Make your own aroma candleImage Source: jewishjournal

Want to make your house smell good? Well, then we have a perfect idea for you guys. Take cinnamon sticks of equal size and stick them over a candle. Once you lit up the candle, soon you will sense the sweet smell of cinnamon in your house. For maximum impact place it on your coffee table.

4. A candle placed in the transparent glass

A candle placed in the transparent glassImage Source: co

There is something unique about these candles. These attractive candles, when placed in a cluster, create a rustic mood. They look amazing when placed in front of the mirrors or console tables.

5. Place them in the bathing area

Place them in the bathing areaImage Source: technologytrap

When candles are placed in the bathroom area, they just change the entire atmosphere and make space look more luxurious. Place candles on a tray with flowers, towels, and other bath accessories.

So, these were the few ways to decorate home with candles. Try them out and make your home look luxurious.

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