Be it a premiere or promotion of her upcoming film, or an award show, Deepika never leaves the chance to flaunt her flawless beauty in public. She has always pulled off every attire and look she has ever dressed up in, gracefully and effortlessly. Seems like our lovely Tamasha girl knows how to woo her audience with a mere glance of her big beautiful eyes or her curvy gowns.

Nothing has ever stopped DP from experimenting with her look during various occasions and events. So, we have listed her 5 best looks, that we think none other than Deepika herself could have pulled off. *Though, it was the toughest decision to make*

Here are 5 looks that we have rounded up for you, that Deepika has flaunted effortlessly.

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#B-Town’s Queen Of Brows

Deepika has always been the one to play around with her eyebrows but mostly keeping them brushed up and always on point.

#Here Comes The Glamorous Waves

The good ol’ Hollywood vibes come to us when we see this epic look on Deepika. This wavy hairstyle reminded us of how yesteryear actresses use to dress up their hair like.

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#Head-Turning Wet Hair Sleek Look

While many of you might not be interested in this trend, (coz not everyone can pull this off) Deepika effortlessly flaunts this hairstyle every time.

Image Source: sasfinder

#Those Luscious Dark & Sultry Lips

Deepika throws off a perfect statement bold look with this dark lipstick, that no doubt, is intensifying her beauty more and looks highly intimidating on her.

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#Hot Smokey-Red Eyes

Looks like Deepika loves to experiment too much with her looks and especially her makeup! But I guess nothing can put a stain on her flawless beauty, and neither does this red smokey eye look.

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