Not many people do believe in the Vaastu Shastra. But believe it or not, this ancient science plays an important role in the construction of our house. In the ancient times, people always constructed their house in accordance to Vaastu Shastra. Even many scientists acknowledge the power of Vaastu Shastra in attracting the good and bad in our lives. Following the terms of Vaastu Shastra brings joy and well-being to the people residing in the house.

If your house is not built according to the Vaastu Shastra, then the least you can do is to keep things according to it. Some things attract the evil forces in the house and bring bad luck to the residents.

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1. Battle Images and Paintings
You should never keep a painting depicting a war scene at your home. Pictures from Ramayana and Mahabharata aren’t meant to be hung on the walls of our house. They instill a disintegration vibe inside the house. Rivalries among the family are one of the many ill-effects of having a battle picture at your house.

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2. Cactus
This is the biggest folly committed by almost every single person. Some even keep more than a single cactus plant in their house for decoration. This is a complete No-No. Thorns are never seen as a good object in our mythology and literature. It depicts negative energy. It disrupts the cordial relation between the family members if kept inside the house. Apart from roses, no thorny plant should be kept inside a house. If you have one at your house, keep it outside immediately.

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3. Negative Paintings
Choosing a painting is an art in itself. A painting is not a mere combination of colours on a canvas. There are feelings and sentiments attached to a painting. The type of painting you’re hanging in your house will vastly affect the aura of the house. For example, if you’re hanging a painting of a crying child, it will set a negative feeling in the house. Caged birds, sad animals, depressed person, etc., such paintings should never be kept in your house. Hang them in your porch if you want to.

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4. Taj Mahal
Raise your hands how many of you had a miniature Taj Mahal at your home as a souvenir from Agra? I guess more than half of people who are reading this article will be having it in their house. You will be shocked to know that an emblem of love can be disastrous for your family. Taj Mahal, in fact, depicts death and grief. It is nothing romantic about Taj Mahal. So, avoid having it at your home.

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5. Broken Mirrors
How many times our mother has told us to not to look ourselves in the broken mirrors? Plenty, I guess! Broken mirrors are bad omens and they shouldn’t be kept at inside the house at any cost. And looking at your reflection in the broken mirror is a big no-no. Broken mirrors attract destructive energies and turbulence to the family. Broken statues, broken crockeries, broken glasses, etc. are no exceptions. Throw them at once!

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