Now that the nippy winds are howling outside with a freezing temperature, snuggling into a super cozy and comfy couch along with a cup of hot cocoa while painting your nails feels like a perfect Sunday. Nail Colors are my recent obsession, from party ready glitters to sophisticated cranberries, I love them all. The cusp of every season calls for a change – a change in wardrobe, your shoes, your hair color and inevitably your lifestyle too! Fortunately, in this season there is an unexpected, utterly delectable change in nail colors. While dark winter colors are here to stay, the bright hues of summer are making a surprising comeback.


Nail polishes are fabulous fashion accessories and are cheap, fun and easy to change.  Painting your nails with vibrant colors can change your look from a plain Jane to a fashionista in mere seconds. Have a look at our massive guide with fabulous lacquers to make your tips dazzle all through the winter.


Any nail color that’s shiny and stands out is metallic! Luxurious shades like silver, gold, bronze and metallic chromes are great statement maker and look absolutely classy. You can choose from a large variety of metallic colors and if you want a dramatic, futuristic look, try metallic versions of your favorite nail color. Lakme Twilight Mauve and graphite from Channel are my personal favorite.

Greens and Blues

Bright shades of blue ranging from midnight hues to the primary ones are a great match for your darker winter wardrobe. Also, greens have been reinvented in rich jewel toned shades like hunter green and emerald. If brilliant bright is not your style, you can tone down the hues of your nail polish palette a notch and experiment with earthy tones of this shade. Apple Martini and Blue Lagoon from Colorbar are a great pick.

Bright and Beautiful

Tired of wearing boring black colors when the weather outside is gloomy? Bright colors are not just reserved for bright summer days; you can amp your style by wearing fun colors like pink, orangey red, yellows, purple and more. Mix it up if you are looking for a young playful look. Indulge in hot pink from NYX or Green surprise and Aureolin from Faces.

Classic Red

Bold and sexy red nail colors are always in. To perfectly accent your winter look, go for deep red colors like maroon and cranberry. The color speaks of itself and makes you get noticed effortlessly!  Be daring and go ahead with this classic color and spice up your LBD. Reflective rose by Sally Hansen and Red queen in Lakme nine to five range are a great choice.


Dazzling digits with a dash of sparkle are just perfect to be worn during your nail polish rotation. You can wear it alone for a touch of bling or along with your favorite solid color to jazz it up. Sparkle, a glittering shade by faces is fantastic lacquer to sizzle your style. NYX has a great collection of glitter nail polishes you just can’t miss!

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