You are happy with your relationship, but you still feel being cheated on by your SO? Well, this can happen because of the few bad experiences in the past. And this feeling of being cheated haunts you whenever you get into a new relationship. Still, there is a thing that no person is same, and everyone has their own perception. So, before things get ugly in your relationship, we have listed some ways to deal with the fear of being cheated on.

1. Defy the negative thoughts

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Never let the negativity affect you and your relationship. If at any point, you feel that you are facing insecurities or suspicion, just discuss them with your close friend or write them down. Never jump down to the conclusions. Try to make yourself realize that how insane your thought can be sometimes.

2. Opt for a counselling

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If things don’t go accordingly and nothing seems right, you can take help and go for counselling as it can help you fight your fears.

3. Let go of the past

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This should the thing that you should do first. Remember this, that history won’t repeat itself, and if you were cheated in the past, that doesn’t mean that you will be cheated in the future too. Move on in your life and start everything on a fresh note.

4. Speak your heart out

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If you think that things are getting out of hands, then just clear things with your partner and don’t worry about what he will think after this. And if something still troubles you, just talk to a person whom you love the most.

5. Don’t trust too much on your guts

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Don’t trust your guts too much, there are chances that you might be wrong in the end. There are chances that the other things in your relationship might be making you feel insecure. So, first, observe, analyse and then decide.

So, these were the few ways to deal with the fear of being cheated on.

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