Pagri (wedding turban) is the important part of the groom’s attire. Wearing a pagri is a tradition which signifies the groom’s pride. Usually, the pagri is made up of a simple cloth which is decorated with different ornaments. So, in this article, we have shared some classy pagri styles for groom that they can wear on their wedding day to look dashing.

1. Tissue

TissueImage Source: wikimedia

This pagri look is the perfect blend of traditional and modern look. Tissue pagri is very light in weight and comfortable to wear. It is the best option for the groom who doesn’t want his pagri over the top.

2. Peshwa

PeshwaImage Source: indiatimes

Inspired by the look of Ranveer Singh in the movie Bajirao Mastani, the Peshwa pagri is gaining popularity. This pagri looks best when you wear an attire which is equally regal like the turban.

3. Jodhpuri

JodhpuriImage Source: 7vachan

This wedding turban style is basic, but it looks stunning with the sherwani because of the incline on the top. This is also the best style for the grooms with shorter height.

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4. Rajasthani

RajasthaniImage Source: indiabazaaronline

This style is full of embellishments that look very artistic. This type is made by twisting the safa with much detailing. And, if you choose this style, just make sure that the pagri and ornament size is perfect according to the attire.

5. Royal

RoyalImage Source: bollywoodshaadis

It is very easy to distinguish them among the other pagris because of their long tails. This type looks great with the bandhgala and Jodhpuri pants.

6. Banarasi

BanarasiImage Source: wordpress

This style of wedding turban is very stylish. It has a layer on one side and several twists on another side which makes it different and unique from other pagris. This style is also the best option for the grooms who want to wear suits over the traditional wear.

So, these were the few pagri styles for groom that they can try on their wedding.


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