Working in the kitchen is not a child’s play. For this we should be million times thankful to our women folks who despite the harsh weather, present delicious cuisines to us. If you’re one among them, you must be knowing how tedious it can be to work in kitchen. But keeping everything else aside, there’s one thing which makes us a cry a lot, about kitchen. You must have guessed by now. Yes, you’re right, they’re onions! And the irony is that, no single cuisine can be completed without onions. Then what to do? Hire a cook just for chopping onions or follow these simple tricks? I would suggest you the latter.

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1. Chop onions with gas stove on
Sounding silly? But it’s true! Chop the onions with the gas stove on and keeping the onions near to the fire can actually save you the tears. You can also cut onions while boiling water on the gas. Simply make sure, that you’re standing nearby the gas stove.

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2. Keep the onions in fridge before cutting them
Keep your onions in the fridge for 10-15 minutes before chopping them. This will prevent the onions from watering down your eyes.

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3. Chop onions in water
This is rather the most used remedy for chopping onions. Chop onions in water. It will not bring tears to your eyes. You can use a rimmed plated and fill it with water. Cut the onions in this plate to avoid tears.

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4. Put a piece of chapatti in your mouth while chopping onions
It is said that keeping a piece of chapatti in your mouth while chopping onions can prevent watery eyes. Chew this chapatti slowly while chopping onions.

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5. Breathe through mouth
You can also breathe through your mouth while chopping onions. This will also prevent tears in your eyes. Don’t breathe through your nose while chopping onions.

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6. Keep the onions in water before cutting them
Peel the onions and submerge them in water for few minutes. Chop them afterward. This also reduces some flavour of onions. You can use this trick when you’re chopping onions for salad.

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