It really pisses us a lot when we spend hours doing a fancy nail art and after a day or so, it starts shredding off. You can blame your nail paint for chipping off in just two days. Sometimes, we don’t let our nail paints to dry. But the most common reason why nail paint doesn’t last longer is that we’re missing few crucial steps in nail art.

What are those?

We are to introduce some clever hacks to make your manicure last longer.

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1. White Vinegar
Before applying the nail paint on your nails, wipe them off with a cotton soaked in white vinegar. This will absorb the excess oil from your nails and leave your nails with a smooth and perfect base for nail paint application. Don’t dip your hands straight away in the white vinegar. This will make your nail paint look lumpy.

nail-paint-last-longer-1Image Source: beautyglimpse

2. Nail Paint Remover in Place of White Vinegar
In case you don’t find white vinegar, you can also wipe your nails with nail paint remover before applying the nail paint. This will soak the excess oil from your nails. Immediately apply the nail paint after it. In this way, your nail paint will stay for one week.

nail-paint-last-longer-2Image Source: kominoi

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3. Top Coat
Most of you must be already knowing about it. But to make your nail paint last longer, coat your nails with a clear nail paint after applying the nail polish. You should apply the top coat after every 2-3 days to make it last longer. Clear nail paint can also be applied when the nail paint is wet. It efficiently blends with the colour.

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4. Buff Your Nails
Before applying the nail paint, don’t forget to buff your nails. Most of us skip this step assuming it to be not-so-important. It evens out the dents and bumps in your nails. The unevenness of your nail bed is another reason why your nail paint cracks.

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5. The Base Coat
99% of us have been skipping this step. Base coat helps make your nail paint last longer. You should paint your nails with two base coats. The first one on the top half of your nails and the other one on the entire nail. This will prevent chipping of your nails.

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6. In Case Your Nail Paint Chips
If your nail paint chips from the tips, you can coat the tip of your nails with a glitter nail paint to hide the chipping. This can make your manicure glamourous again in just a few minutes.

nail-paint-last-longer-6Image Source: theconfessionsofaproductjunkie

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