Eggs are the food which is packed with nutrients, proteins, and other vital ingredients that are very beneficial for your health. Even health experts have suggested that one should include eggs in their diet if they want to stay healthy. And it is also considered the best food to cure a hangover. Besides this, there are various facts associated with eggs that most of us don’t know. So, to know more about this amazing food, we have listed some facts about eggs that you must know.

1. Perfect protein food

Perfect protein foodImage Source: vixendaily

When it comes to best food containing a high amount of protein, eggs top the list because the protein present in the eggs can be easily absorbed and used by our body. Besides this, they also provide vitamin B12, D, A, antioxidants and other vital nutrients to our body.

2. Great source of vitamin D

Great source of Vitamin DImage Source: docfinder

Our body absorbs vitamin D by consuming certain foods and sunlight. But, there is one more food which contains a high amount of vitamin D i.e. eggs. Including this healthy food in your diet regularly can help you prevent vitamin D deficiency. And if you have limited sun exposure then, it is suggested that you should definitely include eggs in your diet.

3. Known as the best fitness food

Known as the best fitness foodImage Source: co

After an intense workout, getting the required amount of protein can help in the repairing and rebuilding process of muscle tissues. It is advised that eggs should be included in all part of meal especially, in the post-workout snack.

4. Helps in the development of the brain

Helps in the development of brainImage Source: cloudfront

The egg yolks are considered as the best dietary source which contains a high amount of B-complex that helps in improving the neurological functions and reduces inflammation. Besides this, it also helps in the development of the foetal brain.

5. Fresh eggs are the best

Fresh eggs are the bestImage Source: johnhenrys

Do you guys know that you can use eggs within three weeks from its sell date if stored properly in the refrigerator? It is said that eggs start to age faster at the room temperature. So, it is suggested that you should consume eggs soon after purchasing.

6. Helps in managing your weight

Helps in managing your weightImage Source: medicalnewstoday

It is said that including eggs in your diet can help you manage weight effectively. The protein content present in eggs provides you a sense of fullness for a longer period of time which reduces the frequent hunger pangs. Thus, it helps in maintaining your weight.

So, these were the few facts about eggs you should know to stay healthy and fit.

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