An old yet jolly business tycoon once thought about starting off his own swimsuit calendar. And this was the reason why he began to be addressed as ‘The King of Good Times’. He was none other than Vijay Mallya. Little did he know that this calendar would soon become the fantasy land of each and every man in India. The reason was apt. Kingfisher models are known to be the hottest and sexiest in the complete modelling world. An elaborate model hunt is conducted every year to scoop out the most delectable woman for the calendar.

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This time, the models have decided to reveal the secret to their perfect hot-bod to their fans. Get ready to swoon!

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1. Alliny Gomes
She’s a Brazilian-Goan fashion model. She’s the lover of sports and is absolutely vegan. She was a Biology student, so she’s very loving and sensitive towards animals. She loves her body and she relies on a completely plant-based diet since many years. To detoxify her body, she relies on warm water with lemon juice twice a day. This also boosts her metabolism.

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2. Vartika Singh
She’s a former Femina Miss India Pageant winner as well as a skilled nutritionist. She never starves herself to get the body of her dreams. She never compromises with the taste of the food. She’s a big foodie and loves to experiment with food. You will be shocked to know that eats burgers and pizzas almost every day! And yet, look at her body. No sign of junk food! She prefers dancing to stay fit than gymming.

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3. Nora Fatehi
She is a Moroccan-Canadian dancer. Nora has been seen on numerous reality TV shows. She never follows a particular fitness routine. She indulges herself in a physical activity to shed the extra kilos. Dancing is her favourite physical exercise.

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4. Kanishtha Dhankar
She is a former Pantaloons Miss India 2011 Pageant champion. You can see her in many of the famous feature magazines. She has taken the Indian modelling scene by the storm. She believes in enjoying what she does. She never believes in killing the joy of life for getting the perfect. She advises her followers to stick to a routine.

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5. Meenakshi Rathore
This young model with a body to make any woman run for her money, believes in simple and sober lifestyle. She eats a well-balanced diet with a four-square meal. She drinks a lot of water to keep herself hydrated. She never skips her gym for any single day. She believes that self-love is the only thing which can take you towards your fitness goal. The more you love yourself, better you’ll do for your fitness.

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6. Dayana Erappa
She is an Indian model who walked for Milan International Fashion Week. Surprisingly, she relies on self-cooked food for health. Although she munches on the cheat meal occasionally. Her morning routine starts with running and Pilates. She runs for about 10 km a week. She relies of bitter gourd juice with lemons and berries to thoroughly cleanse her system.

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