No one is a step behind when it comes to stereotyping women. People are quick at passing judgements where a woman is concerned. We, the women, are always put in categories. The housewife type, the corporate type, the single type, the fashionista type, the tomboy type and much more. The list goes on. And what not? The Indian movies have not spared any moment to stereotype women. They’ve always been terming us as a nagging or an overly attached girlfriend, a fashion police or a gossip queen.

But believe me, man! Not even half of them are true. We, women, are unpredictable of our own kind.

No single label can define the way we do things because even we don’t know what we’re going to do next. Your petty labels are not ‘great’ enough to define us.

labels about Indian Women1

1. Women take centuries to get ready for a party
Millions of TV commercials have shown women sitting in front of the mirror and spending half of their ages deciding on which colour lipstick they should wear to the party. But it’s not like that, in real at least. These days, most of the women are working and FYI, they hardly get 15 minutes to get their things done, from eyeliner to lipstick. And we do take some extra minutes, we’re worth the wait!

labels about Indian Women2

2. Women are born-gossip mongers
Men love to gossip too! The truth is out now. The only difference being that men don’t admit it like we do. And for your surprise, there are women out there who like to talk about politics, work, life, goals, and achievements. And I guess these topics doesn’t qualify to be listed under ‘Gossip’.

labels about Indian Women3

3. Women can’t drive
Heard about Ice Road Truckers? If not then tune into ‘History Channel’ anytime you feel like. The documentary clearly shows how truck drivers (yes, including women!) go through the tough terrain and extremely death defying roads to reach their destination. If women are bad drivers by birth, they wouldn’t be there on the show. In fact, most of the rash drivers are comprised of men. What say now?

labels about Indian Women4

4. Working women are bad homemakers
Can we say that men who cook are bad at work? Sounds strange! There is nothing alien in being a multitasker. A woman who is successful in her career can be good at handling things at home as well. They do lose a balance from time to time. And so what? Who doesn’t? Mental fatigue doesn’t discriminate on the basis of sex. It can happen to men as well.

labels about Indian Women5

5. Women are spendthrift
You can’t really say that. Men are great shoppers as well, except for they are more closeted ones. They like to shop online. And let us not forget about the gadgets, which cost nearly two times more than what we shop for a month. So we’re even, right?

labels about Indian Women6

6. A woman shouldn’t hit a man
Why? Women are made of steel and men are just cotton balls? Physical agony can be felt at the same intensity by both the genders. It doesn’t check whether the person being hit is a man or a woman. So physical violence is just unacceptable, regardless of assaulter being a man or a woman.

labels about Indian Women7

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