Planning to wear a subtle blue dress for the brunch or sparkling royal blue dress for a night out and don’t know what to do with your makeup? Well, don’t worry. We understand it is quite difficult to figure out a perfect makeup routine that suits a blue dress. Gone are the days when you need to stick to the same boring makeup routine. Instead, try to opt for some fresh and unique makeup tips that will enhance your beauty. So, here are some makeup tips for your blue dress that you should give a try.

1. Play with colors

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The color blue is available in different shades and variations. So, it is advised that you opt for the contrasting shades of blue makeup to bring the best in you. Opt for the shades like orange, red, green, etc. You can also opt for a mix n match with bright shades to make your look eye-catchy and vibrant. Besides this, your makeup also depends on the time factor. Like, if its daytime, then it is better to opt for a lighter shade for makeup and for the night, you can opt for the shiny look with contrast colors.

2. Keep the base right

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The base plays a very important role in a makeup routine as it can keep your makeup stay longer. But, before you head on with your makeup routine, it is important that you cleanse your skin followed by a moisturizer. Once you are done with your cleansing process, you can start off with your base.

However, before you start off with your base, you need to keep few things in mind. Like if you are opting for a light makeup look, then make sure you keep a thin base as it will help you get a light makeup look throughout the day. And for the night, you can apply a nice layer of foundation followed by a concealer. You can also opt for some bright colors like ruby lipstick and hot pink to get a trendy look.

3. Add color to your cheeks

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Remember this that your cheeks should not be the focus of your look. But, when you do makeup, it is very important that you keep your lip color and cheeks color coordinated. In general, blue is a cool color, and for a blue color dress, a warm blush on the cheeks would look perfect. The pink color blush looks perfect as it makes your cheeks rosy and if you are looking for a warmer look, then opt for a plum color blush. To get the finest look, just apply three dots of blush powder in the middle of your cheeks and blend well. You can also apply bronzer to your cheeks for a pearly glow by blending it in an upward direction towards your ear, to highlight your facial structure.

4. Let your eyes do the talking

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Your eyes play a very important part in your look as it helps to bring out the real beauty in you. And if you are planning to wear a blue dress, then you can try different eye makeup routines like printed makeup with contrast eyeshadow. And if you have prints or designs over your blue dress with a different color, then you can opt for those color of the design for eye makeup. You can also use blue eyeliners to define your eyes.

5. Add color to your lips

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Once you are done with your face and eye makeup, it’s time to make your lips look pout perfect. If you are a person who loves to experiment, then you can opt for a blue color lip shade. And if you have opted for a loud eye makeup, then it is better to opt for nude lip shade as it will provide you a unique look. Besides this, it is suggested that you should go for a subtle look during the day and a bold and blunt look for the night.

6. Final touch-ups

Final touch - upImage Source: pinimg

To seal your makeup look, use a makeup setting spray. This simple tip will not only help in sealing your makeup look but will also keep your face fresh throughout the day.

So, these were the few makeup tips for your blue dress. Keep these simple tips in mind and look gorgeous.

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