Sleep deprivation may not sound like a very serious issue, but in reality, it can do terrible things to your body. At some point in our life, we all go through this sleep deprivation phase may be due to work commitments, personal responsibilities, etc. But a prolonged period of sleep deprivation can do some serious damage to your life. If you cannot figure out if you are or not sleep deprived, look for these sudden tell-tale signs instead.

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1. You are hungry all the time- This may sound a little weird at first, but if you are hungry throughout the day then there are chances that you are not getting enough sleep for some time now and are in dire need of sleep. This is possible because when you don’t get enough sleep your hormone level may get disturbed resulting in hunger pangs throughout the day.

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2. You feel drunk even when you are not- If you have ever been drunk then you must be aware of the hungover feeling you get after getting high. Most of your senses are impaired to a great extent and you feel slow and foggy. If you are experiencing the same feeling without even having alcohol, then maybe you are sleep deprived. If you haven’t been drinking but you are unable to form sentences or you cannot channel your thoughts while having a conversation or you feel clumsy and drowsy, then you are going through a sleep deprivation phase. Also, if you are facing difficulties to remember things then sleep deprivation might be the reason behind it.

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3. Your skin is having a tough time- One of the most common hormonal effects of sleep deprivation is having ill effects showing up on your skin. Pimples, blemishes and acne are the most common symptoms you can see on your skin when you are sleep deprived. When you sleep your entire body along with the skin goes in the repairing mode. The toxins are pushed out of the body and your body is rejuvenated from within. So, when next time you get sudden eruptions without any reason, look for the fact that if you have been sleeping well or not.

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4. Unable to make decisions- Sleep deprivation can affect your decision-making power very dull. If you are having difficulty in making the simplest decisions, then you can blame it on sleep deprivation (if you are not having adequate sleep). This happens because due to sleep deprivation the blood flow to various parts of the brain may get disrupted, thus leaving you confused.

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5. You are too emotional- From being an unemotional person to being too emotional to handle the type of person. If this is your condition, then the lack of sleep might be the reason behind it. The ability to recognize other people’s and to control your emotions gets very difficult when you are low on the sleeping meter.

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6. You fall sick too often- If you fall sick too often and stay sick for an extended period of time then it could be the lack of sleep which is not letting you recuperate. Sleep deprivation can make your body weak and thus you cannot recover at a faster pace.

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