Makeup is that one thing that can enhance the beauty quotient of a person. There are various beauty products that we use for makeup and with the time most of them expire and it becomes more important that you replace them timely. But what about the expired makeup products? Well, you can still reuse it. So, in this article we have listed some smart ways to reuse expired makeup.

1. Eyeshadow

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It is smart move to replace eyeshadow with new ones after a year. But what about the old one? Well, you can still reuse it by mixing its pigments with a clear nail polish in this way you will get your own customized nail paint.

2. Face oils

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Face oils are generally very expensive and if your face oil has just surpassed his shelf life. Then, don’t worry. Just add some sugar to the oil and your homemade scrub is ready.

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3. Mascara

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Generally, mascara expires within 3 to 6 months but never throw them as you can use its spoolie to tame your brows. And if you notice a grey hair popping out then you have your expired mascara for the rescue. And you can also use the mascara wand to scrub your lips.

4. Lip balm

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Lip balm is the most basic beauty product  that has many good uses. You can use it to treat your cracked feet and to clean the cuticles. You can also use it for fixing the stuck zipper.

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5. Lipstick

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Lipstick is the most important of the makeup  but it is also necessary to replace it timely with the new ones. But you can also reuse it in the form of lip balm. Just heat the expired lip balm to kill the bacteria and then add vaseline or any other petroleum jelly to it, and you are done.

6. Skin toner

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Most of the skin toners include a high amount of alcohol and once they are expired you can use it clean your mobile screen, mirror, and glass.

So, these were the few smart ways to reuse expired makeup.


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