Bad habits die hard. An adage states rightly here. But if you’re a lover of your skin and you want your skin to be as flawless as you’ve dreamt about, you have to part ways with your bad habits. Even the best of the skincare experts believe that women are adamant on giving up their bad habits. Here are some bad habits that even dermatologists ask you to quit.

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1. Using Lacto Calamine for Everything
It’s not a magic potion. It is simply not going to work for the things it isn’t intended to. Severe acne and rashes shouldn’t be treated with Lacto Calamine at the first place. Lacto Calamine has irritating fragrance that can aggravate your acne further. Have you seen a single person using just Lacto Calamine and have gorgeous skin? No, I guess!

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2. Using Too Many Home Remedies, At the Same Time!
Do you eat too many medicines at the same time? no! similarly you just can’t deploy too many home remedies for a single problem. Using too many home remedies will do more harm than good. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Have you ever heard about it?

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3. Using Steroid Creams for Too Long!
Steroid creams should be used under expert guidance and for a limited period of time. You shouldn’t use steroid creams for too long as it might cause skin thinning. Skin thinning can lead to further complications in your skin.

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4. Picking on Acne
This one habit every single woman swears by. It is so hard to resist your hand movements when you have a tiny Mt. Everest sitting on your face. But try to hold your temptations back. Picking can cause scars which will require another set of complicated methods.

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5. Over-Cleansing Face
For god sake, it is your face, not a table cloth. You don’t have to keep it squeaky-clean to avoid pimple problems. Over-drying your face can give rise to many other problems you didn’t know.

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6. Smoking
If you don’t love your skin, go on smoking. The micro-circulation is straight away disrupted by smoking. If the fear of lung cancer isn’t enough to stop you, please for the sake of your good looks drop that ciggie right away!

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