We all love to get soaked in the rain but did you know that this may actually have a damaging effect on your hair. The repetitive soaking during the monsoon combined with the humidity may affect the quality of your hair vastly. In order to avoid this situation, you must follow the below-mentioned tips.

1. The kind of comb- During the monsoon since the weather is very windy and there is a lot of moisture and humidity in the air your hair is more likely to get tangled. Thus it is very important to use a comb which is apt for getting rid of tangles and knots. A wide toothed comb or a paddle brush is perfect for this purpose. Nowadays there are tangle teasers available in the market which was specially designed for getting rid of tangles from wet as well as dry hair.

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2. Oil your hair- Though oiling is great for your hair throughout the year but it becomes even more important to oil your hair in this humid weather. Make it a routine to massage your hair at least once a week with warm coconut or olive oil. But keep in mind that your hair is already weak during this time and therefore you must be as gentle with your hair as possible. Massaging your hair too vigorously will make them break off easily. Also do not apply too much oil on your hair because when you do so you use a lot of shampoos to get rid of it making your hair dry and brittle. Just use a small amount of oil and massage it on your scalp lightly.

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3. Choose the right shampoo- Since the weather is so humid and sweaty you must try to keep your scalp as clean as possible. Avoid getting your hair wet in the rain as this may weaken your hair shaft making your hair weak and prone to breakage. Use a strengthening shampoo and conditioner to make your hair strong.

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4. Keep the frizz under control- During monsoon, your hair is bound to get frizzy. Very often you get soaked in the rain and not every time you wash your hair. Most of us towel dry our hair and skip the whole shampoo and conditioner routine which leads to frizzy hair. If your hair has the tendency to get frizzy very quickly make sure to use climate control or anti-frizz products in order to keep frizz under control. Anti-frizz serums are a great addition to your monsoon hair care routine as it will control the frizz and will keep your hair shiny and manageable.

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5. Follow a proper hair wash routine- In order to keep your damage free during the monsoon you must follow a proper hair wash routine, like the one we have mentioned below:

  •  Make sure to soak your hair really well with water before putting on any shampoo on your hair.
  •  Do not wash your hair with very cold or very hot water.
  •  Make sure to be as gentle as possible while dealing with your hair. massage the shampoo gently into the scalp.
  •  Make sure to rinse the product really well off your hair.
  •  Apply the condition only on the lengths of your hair and make sure not to use too much of it.
  •  Spread the conditioner throughout the length of your hair and then rinse it off with cold water after a few minutes.
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6. Diet- Apart from all the other factors one thing that plays a major role in maintaining healthy hair and scalp. Make sure to incorporate food items like eggs, fishes and nuts which are rich in protein and iron. Walnuts too are very good for keeping your hair healthy as these are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E.

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