We women are quite familiar with those bad spells of bleeding we call ‘Periods’. It is because of the damn fact that it visits every month. Although, periods bring us an excruciating pain, so we are here to help you make them easier. Whenever it comes, a few words strike our mind automatically like, cramping and cravings, irritability and numerous other syndromes. It does affect you with the same intensity of maddening frenzy mood swings every single month and makes us feel down.

But there are some ways we can make our periods less painful. Here they are:

1- Take bath with warm water

Take bath with warm waterImage Source: lifehacks

Although after taking a bath we feel fresh and clean. So, when your periods are there, girls need to take warm water bath because it gives you relief in the cramps. Some girls do not take a warm bath because they think it may cause heavy bleeding. But on the contrary, it relieves your pain and makes your life easier.

2- Take some medication

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Though taking so many pills is not good for our health but sometimes it may help to keep some medication handy in case of the period pain. When you suffer from more pain on days of heavy bleeding you can take some pills with the proper consultation of a doctor.

3- Change Your Sanitary Pads Time To Time

Change Your Sanitary Pads Time To TimeImage Source: livestrongcdn

When you are in your periods, take care of yourself more than you usually do. You need more cleanness at this painful time. You must change your pads after an interval of a few hours. Don’t use a pad for more than 8 hours, it will cause you irritation and unwanted illness.

4- Choose the right kind of sanitary pads

Choose the right kind of sanitary padsImage Source: newhealthadvisor

Opting a right pad is very important. When you have heavy bleeding, you can opt the thinner ultra-pads. This helps in dealing with periods more comfortably. If you have sensitive skin, use pads whose is made of cover cotton on the top.

5- Keep check on your eating habits

Keep check on your eating habitsImage Source: rd

SALT– You need to cut down your salt intake. Salt is a major culprit when it comes to bloating related troubles.
ALCOHOL– Alcohol is something that can increase the level of estrogen in the body.

6- Don’t Let Your Period Come Unannounced

Don’t Let Your Period Come UnannouncedImage Source: networkedindia

You may relax when you are done with the periods for the month. But you must prepare yourself for the next month. Get regular exercise and take healthy foods which help you maintain your cycle of period properly.

7- Be regular on your workout routine

Be regular on your workout routineImage Source: maxbiocare

It’s natural we feel tired and exhausted at the time of periods. But you need to do light exercise for the physical and mental state of our body. doing light exercise at the time of period maintain your body fit and healthy.

We hope this post helped you a bit at least to combat with your painful periods. If it really did, stay tuned. We will be back with such more topics here only.

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